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12 Make Money SEO Tips 2007 part 9

9. Google Custom Desktop and Google Alerts for Content

If you are not using Google Customized Desktop, Google Reader, or some type of RSS feed reader already, you should definitely start using one. The easiest way to accomplish this for a complete novice (but is actually the way I do it) is with your GMail account. A GMail account is something else you should already be using. For the data storage alone you should be using it. You will need a GMail account to use these tools. You can signup GMail here.

With a GMail account you can go to the Google home page and log in using your email. In the top right corner is a link for “Add stuff.” It allows you to add specific URLs; it will pull the last 1-10 entries from that page and populate your Google Desktop. Here’s a snapshot of what mine looks like:

It’s not the best snapshot but I wanted to show as much as possible. This is actually only about 1/3 of what I have on mine. These are different places that I used to go to individually to find information.

Google Alerts is a fantastic tool. You enter your search term and whenever Google finds your term while crawling the web it will send you an email with a link to it. I have alerts on everything from “google datacenters” to “DMOZ” and “Matt Cutts” to “Danny Sullivan.”

When I look for content, I use these as reference tools. They are not meant to be used to scrape content or plagiarize other websites.

There are many other uses for these if you put your head to it. :o)

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