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This site is about learning how you can recoup your hosting costs and possibly much more by being an advertiser publishing ads on your hobby website. If your hobby is simply writing then this site is for you too.

The goal is to earn money on the internet with your website. If you don’t have a site, you may have always wanted to start your own site, maybe start your own online store. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take your hobby, let’s say, knitting or electronics to a lucrative level. You’re too busy working full time and taking care of your family. There’s not enough money to spend on a business.

These days it is hard to come by the extra money to give something new a try. But getting started in a work at home business or turning your hobby into something that brings you extra money has never been easier than now. Maybe you’re thinking – it takes me hours and hours to create one of these sweater outfits or to build one of these gadgets, I could never have the time to make enough to sell as a business. No you couldn’t but there are tons of people that would love to learn about your hobby, learn how to create what you’re creating, exchange ideas with you and others with the same hobby, you’d be surprised. It would be an extension of your hobby and at the same time, all these people visiting your site would cause your site itself to make some extra money for you.

It is possible that your site becomes popular if it is a topic that is of interest to you. Because when you really enjoy writing, you can create a great site. Should your site become quite popular ie. receive many hits, it is possible for you to earn quite a bit more than your hosting fees. If you’re anything like me, and have many diverse interests, love to write and research, you could expand to have quite a few sites. Your hobby or hobbies could turn out to be quite lucrative. It all depends how much effort you are willing to put in, how many articles you are willing to write and submit, how much time you can devote, and how patient you are. It doesn’t happen overnight. Taking care of your site is analgous to taking care of a perennial garden. As with a garden in your neighborhood that you always pause to admire on your walk with the dog, so will other site owners link to your site. Over time your site becomes more popular. There are some basics about writing for the web and search engine optimization that you need to learn, and here is where you start.

The only investment you will need to make is your time and energy and your hosting fees for your sites. It is not as expensive as you might think. Using 1and1 to host your site you can have a site inexpensively, as low as $2.99 per month.

  I am not selling anything on this site. I have found that it has taken me half a year part time to understand these concepts. I have read several books and many, many sites. This site is actually part of my learning process – yours may be about a particular breed of dog or about a particular author you’re crazy about or a particular sport, such as snowboarding, or birding. Or it might be about embroidered tablecloths that you’ve been making for years. This site, my site’s topic is the introduction and simplification of the concepts one needs to understand to make money on the internet by creating sites that can be used as advertising vehicles – in particular for people who enjoy writing and researching and for people who simply want to get started. Of course, if your only purpose is to make money, you will not be successful, you also must really enjoy your topic and sharing your knowledge.

An analogy to making money via website advertisements would be like putting advertisement banners on the side of your car for money. I would like to show people who have valuable content to offer the web how they can make extra income while expressing themselves on a subject for which they have experience, knowledge, authority to offer the world wide web. At the very least it is a wonderful form of expression and sharing of knowledge.

This site also explains the basics of affiliate marketing using a website. Which is what this is basically called among the internet marketing community and what to steer clear of when looking to earn money online. I have found affiliate marketing to be a much more time-consuming endeavor than pay per click advertising – that is why the focus on this site is purely Google AdSense, search engine optimization, keywords, and submitting to search engines. Affiliate marketing as introduced on www.makemoneysecret.net can be lucrative, but you really need to be more of a salesman than an artist, and I think I fall into the latter category.

In order for people browsing to click the advertisements you will display on your site, they need to find your site in the first place – hence the topic search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization makes a huge difference in getting your site found sooner and ranking higher in returned results. It is not much use if your site is getting returned #1,000,001st out of 1,500,000 sites – no one will ever ‘page next’ through that many pages of search results.

If you are serious about this endeavour you will be successful, but the number one thing you need to know before you go on is that there is no ebook you need to buy, there is no secret you need revealed, there is no software that can do this for you. You can buy ebooks, some are probably very good, but at the same time the information is out there for free, so why buy an ebook? All in all, during your research, remember “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. If you love learning with a book I’d recommend the old-fashioned kind:

Building Your Business with Google Adsense NOW.

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