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No. 1 is MySpace, followed in order by: Dictionary, Google, Themes, Area Codes, Cars, Weather, Games, Song Lyrics, and Movies.

Yes, Google is in the third spot. Now, why would anyone go to and type in “google”? Weird!

The irony was not lost on spokesman Nicholas Graham, who also insisted to this incredulous reporter that adult or sex terms were not among the top search terms at Ask.

“It’s an unvarnished list and item No. 3 (Google) is a testament to that,” Graham said. “If other search engines ponied up their real deal, straight-forward lists of their own I suspect Ask would rank high.”

Over at Yahoo, Britney Spears, did it again and tops Yahoo’s most searched for terms list for this year. Google doesn’t release a top search terms list and instead looks at fastest rising. The iPhone tops Google’s list.

A Google representative said that if the company were to release a list of the most popular search terms it would probably look similar to Ask’s list. Asked if it might also include the name of rival search engines and adult terms, the representative said she could not say without examining the search data.

A Yahoo representative did not immediately return a call and an e-mail seeking comment.

Why go to to search for ‘google’? Apparently, a lot of people do it, according to Ask’s Top 10 search term list.

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