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Fox, Yahoo lead ComScore August figures

ComScore has released its figures for top Web sites in the United States in August, and UBS analyst Benjamin Schachter has analyzed them. Acknowledging that the data “may be unreliable in many cases,” the report says: “We are generally cautious on reading too much into month-to-month data points. However, the data can be useful to analyze long-term trends.”

Basically, Fox leads when it comes to measuring page views, and Yahoo does when it comes to unique visitors.

A separate report from JMP Securities on ComScore’s global figures notes that Yahoo’s global traffic and usage declined year over year, according to Internet Outsider. “Yahoo attracted total worldwide users of 476 million in July, down 1 percent annually. Pageviews declined 7 percent in the period, and minutes spent were down 1 percent. Annual usage at Yahoo Mail declined by 9 percent, at Yahoo Games by 47 percent, at Yahoo News by 6 percent, and Yahoo Sports by 11 percent. On the positive side, Yahoo Messenger grew by 36 percent…Yahoo Answers by an astounding 332 percent, and Flickr by 198 percent. While [this is] promising…these areas are typically monetized at a fraction of the rate of Yahoo’s premium content areas,” JMP’s William Morrison wrote.

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