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Google apps get faster on iPhone

Google has optimized its applications for the iPhone so they are integrated into a single interface and operate faster.

Now, if you go to Google’s home page on your iPhone you’ll see the Web search box and links to Gmail, Calendar and Reader up at the top of the screen for quick access.

Google also offers word suggestions as you type to make the query entry faster.

And once you click on links, the pages download faster than before. “When you click it’s instantaneous,” says Gummi Hafsteinsson, a senior product manager at Google. “Just like on the desktop; there’s no difference between the two.”

Google plans to optimize its applications for other phones eventually, he said.

Links to Google Maps and YouTube are on the main menu of the iPhone.

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  1. Vita Bonino says:

    The processor is called as a little bit recent design number but it and the GPU are most likely the similar speed since the 3GS. The old Contact with the similar Processor and GPU as the 3G was quicker. Apart from having the clock speed turned up greater the Contact has much less software to run because it

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