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Google opens San Francisco office

Recruiting at Google just got easier.

The search giant opened its first San Francisco office on Monday. The office is located on Spear Street in the tech-heavy South of Market area. And apparently it has a view of the Bay.

It’s unclear how many employees are there, although there seem to be quite a few members of the corporate communications team.

So, for people who can’t bear the commute to Mountain View, Calif., and who don’t want to take Google’s free, Wi-Fi-enabled commuter buses, they can now haggle for an office in San Francisco.

Asked why it took Google so long to open a San Francisco office, a Google spokeswoman said: “We’re always looking at where people want to live; where people want to work, and the footprint on the environment…This will alleviate the commutes for some people.”

Here’s the official company statement: “SF is significant to Google as we have many users, employees, advertisers and publishers here, and it is an important base for recruiting. We are happy to have a presence in the city that will allow us to be more responsive to customer needs and cut down commute times for many of our employees.”

Tried to get a look at the office from Google Maps’ Street View but the street is not on the Street View grid for some reason. So captured a shot on Microsoft’s Live Search Map site, which has a 45-degree bird’s eye view.

Google’s new San Francisco office as seen on Microsoft’s Live Search Map site.

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