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How can I find web directories?

Submitting to web directories is one of the best ways to get inbound links to your web site, which will increase your Page Rank and raise your position in the SERPS.

The easiest way to find directories is by visiting the web sites listed in our directories of directories on the Internet.

Search for Directories
The best directories to submit to are directories which are specific to the topic of your web site.

Enter your keywords in the dialog box below to execute a pre-built Google search to locate sites where you can add you own inbound links.

Another good source for directories is a sticky message thread in the WebProWorld forums: LIST: High Ranking Directories and Indices.

If you do submit to these smaller directories, you may want to create a second e-mail address just to catch all of the spam you will receive.

Paid Directories
I do not recommend submitting to paid directories such as Bluefind, JoeAnt, and GoGuides, or to the paid portions of directories such as Yahoo, Gimpsy or Zeal.

The ROI (Return On Investment) of paid submissions is very seldom positive. Simply put, there are better ways to get inbound links.

Submit to Search Engines
Don’t forget to also submit your site to search engines.

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