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How do I choose the best keywords for my site?

The best way to choose keywords for your site is to think about what prospective customers would type in if they were looking for your product or service.

Sometimes our creativity needs a little boost. The Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool, Wordtracker, and the Google AdWords Keyword Tool can be that boost. These tools will help you to discover which search terms web surfers are really using.

The Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool is a front-end which combines both the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool and Wordtracker.

NicheBot combines Wordtracker results with page counts from Google to create a ratio which represents keyword competitiveness.

The Overture Keyword Popularity Tool at 123promotion.co.uk is a front end for the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool which is a bit easier to use and creates a nice chart of statistics.

The smTek Keyword Suggestion Tool lists related keyword phrases from Google and Overture. It also lists the keywords suggested by Overture with the number of searches conducted. In addition, it lists the number of pgaes related to the search term which are indexed in AltaVista, MSN, AllTheWeb, AOL, and Teoma.

The Keyword Popularity Calculator for Google estimates home many times a key phrases is searched for on Google. Results are given as a simple number of estimated monthly searches.

Good Keywords is a free application for Microsoft Windows which is designed to find the perfect set of keywords for your web pages.

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