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How do I get better stats from Google Adsense?

The easiest way to track your Google AdSense stats is to use the reports which Google provides as part of the Google AdSense portal.

These reports tell you Page Impressions, Clicks, Clickthrough Rate (CTR), Effective CPM (Cost Per Thousand), and Earnings.

Many people want more information than is provided by the Google AdSense portal. Several tools are available to provide additional information to Google AdSense publishers.

AdLogger is an open source AdSense tracker designed for web publishers and website owners. AdLogger monitors and records all AdSense activity on your page in real time and compiles the data for you to review.

Its main focus is primarily on offering a way to combat click fraud. Primary security features allow you to disable ads for visitors who appear to be clicking too many within a certain time period.


  • Detailed visitor data gives you as much data as possible about your visitor/click. For each user that clicks an ad, you can view visitor IP, hostname, operating system/web browser information, date/time of click, outgoing url clicked, ad format data, channel info, and more.
  • Easily disable ads for a specific IP address or range of IP adddresses.
  • Automatically disable ads for a visitor who clicks too many within a set time period.
  • Custom channels help you monitor your best and worst performing pages in terms of both page views and clicks.
  • Optionally, you can set up automatic email alerts. The script can send you an email every time a visitor clicks an ad. Also, AdLogger recognizes potential click attacks and can send you an email after mulitple clicks.

Free AdSense Tracker
This free script integrates with Google Analytics to allow you to track your adsense clicks.

This tracking is done through “Goals”. A goal is a way of tracking when a website visitor does something you want – Buy an item, submit a contact form, or in our case click an adsense ad.

Contextual Tracker
Contextual Tracker is free tool for tracking clicks in contextual ads and provide detailed statistics. Using it You can limit fraud clicks and increase your revenue.

Script features:

  • Statistics:
    • automatic channel handling
    • regex channels, assign click to channel basing on source’s URL
    • one click can belong to many channels
    • clicks list (supporting limits)
    • channels statistics (supporting limits)
    • today’s summaries (ads, ips and channels)
    • handy contextual menu makes navigation easy
    • easy way to change channels names
  • Tracker:
    • tracks iframes on all common browsers
    • easy way to add new ads support
    • ability to attach to independent statistics
  • Others:
    • automatic ad hidding after click (IE)
    • easy integration with Google Analytics
    • fraud clicks protection

RevenueMonitor’s powerful reporting interface is easy to read and flexible. You’ll be able to mine the data for hidden gemstones with ease.

High-powered reporting functions – Easy to Understand Formatting

  • Display earnings graphs
  • Compare data over time to the past 7,14,21 and 30 days
  • Compile real-time earnings throughout the course of a day
  • Display average click value
  • Collate detailed logs to reveal high-profit clicks
  • Sort data by a number of criteria
  • Export reports to .PDF or .CSV
  • Set personal preferences for reports
  • Store your comments in a personal log
  • Display both local server and pacific US time in reports

To use some of these features, you must enter your AdSense username and password into the script. Use of this feature and related features are fully optional. Accurate earnings logging is dependent on your sites delivering at least one ad impression per 15 minutes. These features are provided as is, depend solely on data from Google, and may stop working at any time. In the case of Google site updates, we will attempt to release updates to this feature ASAP. You must accept term changes on Google for feature to work.

Top-Level Control

  • Login report
  • Database usage reports
  • Database clean function — clears old records
  • Copy/Paste JavaScript Tracking Code
  • High volume ad tracking – tested on over 5 million AdSense impressions!
  • Full access to future upgrades included
  • One install tracks ads on unlimited domains
  • Easy website integration
  • Forward compatible to support future ad networks
  • Simple step-by-step web install

AdSense Tracker
AdSense Tracker was being developed to help website owners participating in the Google AdSense?program to get a more detailed overview of how their sites are performing. Google’s lack of reporting leaves publishers guessing as to which sites, pages, and ad styles are effective and which aren’t.

This AdSense?tracker will keep detailed logs of all impressions and clicks on AdSense?ads on any website without altering the ad code itself. That information can then be used to analyze the effectiveness of the publisher’s sites, different ad sizes and styles, or even individual pages — showing the publisher exactly when, where and what ad was clicked in realtime.

AdSense Tracker is written in PHP and makes use of one mySQL database and requires a snippet of JavaScript be placed on each page you want to track ads on.

AdSense Monitor

  • AdSense Monitor notifies you by email, pager or phone with AdSense updates. The AdSense Monitor script records stats to a database every (x) minutes. This is a .vbs script that can run on your local PC or your server.
  • AdSense Report Creator is a .vbs script that creates a HTML report from the database created by the program above. Created by Mike VanderMolen
  • Adsense Viewer is an ASP program to display the contents of the above database. Created by Shailesh Humbad
  • ASP and Javascript to track Adsense ads, who clicked on them and when. The javascript sends the information to this ASP program and is then recorded to a database.
  • PHP and Javascript to track Adsense ads, who clicked on them and when. This javascript sends the information to this PHP program and is then recorded to a database.

AdSense Charts
AdSense Charts is designed to best assist you in analyzing your AdSense data. Charts include: total earnings, clickthru-rate, earnings per click, number of clicks, earnings per impression, number of page impressions, earnings by day of week and earnings by day of month. Most of the charts include 7-day moving averages which allow you to spot trends within your results. Statistics tables provides interesting insights such as extrapolations and performance records.

AdSense Tracker
AdSense Tracker is a commercial product which generates AdSense statistics for the purpose of helping you improve AdSense revenue.

AdSense Tracker features include:

  • Track clicks, page views and CTR by referrer.
  • Track clicks, page views and CTR for each search engine and all search keywords.
  • Real-Time tracking of your AdSense channels and your own custom channels.
  • Track clicks, page views and CTR by domain.
  • Track clicks, page views and CTR by page.
  • Track clicks, page views and CTR by directory.
  • Track clicks, page views and CTR by ad format.
  • Track clicks by advertiser url.
  • Track clicks by hour.
  • Track clicks by IP address.
  • List all clicks (IP, ad url, originating page, referrer and date/time).
  • Track WebSearches by domain.
  • Track WebSearches by page.
  • Track WebSearches by referrer.
  • Track WebSearches by search engine and all search keywords.
  • Track WebSearches by channel.
  • Track WebSearches by hour.
  • Track WebSearches by IP address.
  • List all WebSearches (IP, search terms, originating page, referrer and date/time).
  • Run reports on any date range.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • You can now query for specific pages, referrers or keywords that you wish to see click, view and CTR data for.

SysSense is your personal desktop Google AdSense monitor. It keeps your current Google AdSense information in the Windows system tray.

Revenue Checker for Google AdSense
Spending too much time constantly logging in and out of Google AdSense, just to see how much you have earned?

Download and install Revenue Checker for Google AdSense, our totally secure and efficient AdSense revenue tracking solution.

Just roll your mouse cursor over the tray icon whenever you want to see how much you have earned!

AdSenseLog is a tool for checking and analyzing your Adsense ads data (Aggregated and Channel). This tool is aimed at site owners who use Adsense in their sites. It can provide:

  1. Automatic checking of your data – impressions, clicks and revenue. The check can be performed in any interval you want (i.e. every 10 minutes). AdSenseLog will alert you (With a sound, or a pop-up window) only when new data is available.
  2. Analyze your data – extensive statistics: Impressions, clicks, revenue, clickthrough CPM and EPC. Daily, Weekly or Monthly views. Averages, ‘best-day’ views and more.
  3. Graph your data – Display many types of graphs, about every kind of statistics available.

AdSenseLog can be used to find important trends in your data, check out you site’s strong points, and its weaknesses, or just enjoy the real-time stats and pretty graphs…


  • Automatic check your Adsense stats, setup your own interval, and get alerted when new stats are available.
  • Extensive statistics: Clickthrough, EPC and CPM data, Daily, weekly or monthly views. See your best days, daily/weekly or monthly averages, and more.
  • Supports both Aggregated and Channel data.

Adsense Notifier
Adsense Notifier displays your Google Adsense earnings on the FireFox status bar.

EasyAdSense Revenue Checker for AdSense
Are you spending too much time constantly logging in and out of Google AdSense?

Do you feel like you need to know more about your AdSense account?

Ever wished to see your statistics in graphic form?

Or you just want to see your earnings with single mouse over?

If you answered yes, this may be exactly the program you were looking for.

Revenue Checker for AdSense is a totally secure real time Google AdSense monitoring and tracking solution.

Revenue Checker is allowing Google AdSense publishers to check their AdSense revenue and detailed statistics in either specific time intervals or manually with single click option.

Revenue Checker creates numeric, as well as graphic output to all statistics, including channels.

Some of the advantages go behind regular statistics, for example:

  • Cost per click
  • Average per Hour
  • Average per Month
  • Estimation till end of the month
  • Channel statistics in numeric and graphic form
  • Balloon and sound notifications
  • and more…

AdSense Desktop
AdSenseDesktop is the only flexible and fast analysis tool for Google AdSense users. It is very easy to use, while providing a wide range of ways to analyse your AdSense statistics. It allow AdSense user to download and analyse data very quickly and intuitively in graphical form.

Access data faster and easier! No need to login through Google AdSense website to access your statistics.

Earn faster by analysing patterns through graphs! Now you can generate different types of graphs with just a few clicks!

Remember the changes you made and keep a centralised log! Now you will not forget the changes you made which increased or decreased your earnings!

Key Features:

  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Quick data mining filters
  • Versatile graph generator
  • Historical note keeping
  • Quick access tray tool
  • Store Statistic for Offline Analysis
  • Export data and graph
  • Printing of data and graph
  • Auto updating
  • Supports Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003
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