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Make Money With Google Adsense

About Google Adsense

Adsense is a pay per click, and pay per impression technology. While it may be alternating per impression and per click, be assured that google is trying to get you maximum profits as google gets a hefty percent of your success. CPC basically means cost per 1000 impressions. Advertisers often use that instead of pay per click.

Can I Cheat Google?

While it may be promissing to click yourself stupid all day, google has this covered. Your account may be permanently suspended if you use IP cloaking and different techniques to get unique IP and host clicks. If it gets too many clicks at once or from the same person in a day, it’ll block you for the rest of the day. Google knows a bit about the psychology of the spammer, so when it means loss of revenues, they know what they’re doing.

Is My Site Ready for Google?

If you’re on a free host, chances are you already have ads. Google is less likely to accept you. If you don’t get much visitors in the first place, throwing ads at them won’t make them come back faster. More ads = less people over time. People prefer sites with no ads. If you want a free host with no ads try our best free web hosts guide or if you want to pay a little more for better service try our finding good paid hosting guide. If you’re getting decent traffic, it may be worth it to add visitors, but in the long run, ads means less people.

Images or Text

In general images make more money, because they’re more distracting, but a well embedded, well positioned text ad can also earn high click throughs. Image ads have two problems: they’re too distracting and people don’t like them, and they can easily be blocked by repeat visitors, unlike the text ads.

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  1. Hey I really loved your blog post. Don’t quit the good work!

  2. Asiye says:

    As a former meembr of the New York group, the hypocrisy and dissonance between what was taught and the way people behaved in that group was what got me out. I was also not a nice person when in that group. There was a lot of harsh violent criticism and attack on people, particularly by older students. This was seen as externally considering others, as being a stand-up person, as being a bell-ringer’ for truth, when in fact it was bullying. I know that my own strident spoken corrections to group meembrs gave me the sense of empowerment that the group and Sharon had taken away. So, yes, Bullfrog, that is the way people behaved in the older New York group (not Alex’s I don’t know about that), but with each other. There also was definitely an insider vs outsider dynamic as well. If you look at the tenets for identifying abusive cults (Robert Lifton; Dr. Margaret Singer), you will see that this kind of insider/outsider dynamic (yes, even against another sub group of the cult after all, who did Sharon teach most frequently? Why, us! So we must be best and know more secrets that you poor little rubes from Boston (sorry just trying to identify the attitude here)As for David Kulko, He completely broke from Sharon in 2000, and also from his sister. He has not spoken to Sharon since then and has rebuilt his life into a happy fulfilling productive experience. He has moved on. We must all move on. Dwelling on it for too long (I say more than a couple of years at most) gives them control.David is on facebook and his place of business isn’t hidden, so contact him if you wish, but you may not get much encouragement. It’s not something against anyone, but people who have been out for a while and rebuilt their lives (and I’m speaking as one of them!) don’t want to get all up into the cult discussions anymore. It’s the past and after a while, rehashing it gets to be a drain.

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