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How Google’s counterculture changes everything

In the world of online services and editorial content, a term known as “stickiness” becomes the rallying cry of Webmasters and marketers alike. In essence, these people are fearful that if they lose visitors on the site, they’ll never get them back. But for some reason, Google doesn’t feel that way. In fact, it’s more than happy to send you out in the wild.

Why is that? Why has Google always been a company that has single-handedly taken the tried and true mentality of Web site owners for years and turned it upside down. On top of that, why has …

Google to penalize advertisers with slow-loading pages

Companies advertising on Google’s AdWords system better fine-tune their ad landing pages.

In its automated auction system, Google will soon be looking at the length of time it takes to see an advertiser’s landing page once an ad is clicked as a factor in determining ad position and minimum bid for keywords.

People are more likely to abandon landing pages that load slowly, Google explained in its Inside AdWords blog.

I want to emphasize that I agree with the Google statement that people abandon pages that load too slowly.…

Gmail falls prey to spam bots

Spammers have cracked the captcha mechanism Gmail uses to make sure you are a human before you can open an e-mail account, leading to a huge increase in the amount of spam sent from Gmail last month, security firm MessageLabs says.

We’ve all been subjected to captcha programs when signing up for Web services. They typically consist of a box with some characters, either distorted or displayed against some noisy background, and you have to type the letters and numerals in exactly as you see them before the system will accept your sign-in.

MessageLabs created this graphic that shows how …

Don’t buy into the paranoia about PageRank sculpting

The blogosphere and Twitter have been abuzz with talk about this article by Shari Thurow, published Thursday on Search Engine Land. The article warns of supposed dangers against the SEO tactic of “PageRank sculpting.” Readers are coming away feeling reticent to employ the tactic, fearing retribution from the engines in the form of penalties. The article paints PageRank sculpting as poor usability and black hat. I can’t be any more adamant about this: neither is the case.

No disrespect intended to the article’s author, but this article is classic FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). “Nobody ever lost their job by …

Google says spam is huge corporate headache

Google released a white paper on Thursday about trends in electronic communications systems at corporations and found, to no surprise, that spam is a huge problem and getting worse.

While overall e-mail message volume per user grew 47 percent, the spam volume was up 57 percent in 2007 to record levels, according to data from Google’s Postini cited in the 2008 Annual Google Communications Intelligence Report.

The average “unprotected user” would have received 36,000 spam messages in the year, up from 23,000 in 2006, the report said.

Stopping spam and other malware is the top priority for the government, legal, …