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SEO 3 things to consider – part 2

SEO 3 things to consider before you design a new static or dynamic website

1. Search engines read source code
2. Search engines follow links
3. Search engines rank every webpage

Search engines follow links

  1. Optimise hyperlinks within your siteTry to hyperlink from text rather than an image (when possible and relevant) and use keywords in or near your hyperlink. Search engine look for keywords in hyperlinks because it tells them that there is more than one page of information matching the customers search query. Do not overdo this and always do it in a way that flows with the website’s content and objectives.
    • The keywords in your hyperlink should reflect the topic of the page you are linking to (the landing page)
    • Plain text website navigation is one way of achieving this
    • When you are referring to one of your other webpages in you text, always include a hyperlink.
  2. Site maps are search engine food
    Develop a map of links to each page of your website and link it to your home page. This will give search engines a clear path to every webpage in your site. Keep the site map up to date – add new pages and remove the old ones. With dynamic websites this can be dome by programming it to refresh itself on a regular basis.
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