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SEO 3 things to consider – part 3

SEO 3 things to consider before you design a new static or dynamic website

1. Search engines read source code
2. Search engines follow links
3. Search engines rank every webpage

Search engines rank every web page

  1. Don’t use frames if you are designing a Website for search enginesThere are some ways to work around the issues of using frames but the best result will be achieved by not using frames at all.Search engines assign a ranking of importance to every webpage in your site. Google call this Page Rank and Yahoo calls it Web Rank. Both of these methods of ranking work on measuring how many links a web page has. Framed websites tend to produce orphaned web pages (meaning webpages with no or few internal links). This reason alone is enough to not use frames when designing a website to rank in search engines.The other problem that frames produce in search engines is that each web page is made up of 2 or more individual webpages. For example, the menu can be in one page and the content in the other. Search engines can pick up these pages individually and show them out of context. Typically, the content pages are picked up in search engines and displayed without the menu. 
  2. The look of your URLSearch engines have been able to spider dynamically generated webpages for quite some time now but static HTML webpages will always out rank dynamic webpages.Dynamic webpages can be set up to appear as static webpages. This can be achieved by using a rewrite engine for your URL’s like the “apache rewrite module”. This will require programming and server configuration to do.
    • If Dynamic URL’s cannot be rewritten. It limits the parameters in the URL to one.
    • Use descriptive names when naming your templates/webpages
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