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Real Money Gambling on Facebook?

The prospect of reaching millions of Facebook users by online gambling companies has made them excited upon hearing that Facebook is planning to welcome real money gambling. Top gambling companies are preparing for this possibility by getting the necessary permits and whatnot from their respective countries and states.

Facebook announced previously about their interest in real money gambling and since then, gambling companies are kept on their feet. However, planning and implementing are two different entities and each country and state has their own rules. One rule may be legal in one country, but it may be illegal in another. …

How do I Add a Free Proxy List to My Web Page?

By placing a single line JavaScript on your web page, you can offer a list of free web proxies to your site visitors.

This proxy list displays constantly updated proxies, so that your site visitors aren’t bothered by stale proxies that don’t work or have already been blocked by content filters such as WebSense and SmartFilter.

This script does not require any software to be installed on your web server and it works with popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.

You can even use this script with social networking sites such as MySpace and Xanga.
Here’s …

What is Cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting refers to using, trafficking in or registering a domain name with the intention of taking advantage of the popularity of another company’s trademark. These cybersquatters generally register these domains before the target company, thus forcing the latter to buy the domain from them at a higher price.

Cybersquatting comes from the term squatting, which describes the act of occupying a land, building or any other property without the knowledge or permission of the owner. In a sense, cybersquatting entails cybersquatters registering a company or a trademark for his domain name and forcing the company to buy the domain name …

What is a Scraper Site?

A scraper site is a website that displays no original or usable information. This site is usually automated and its content automatically updated by bots crawling all over the web. All the content showed in a scraper site is taken without permission from other open-content websites and their webmasters.

Unlike search engines, a scraper site does not direct a visitor to the original site where the content came from. Scraper sites do not respect copyright and repost content without including the original authors’ name and information. In fact, the main purpose of a scraper site is to spam search engines …

What is Address Munging?

Address munging is one of the ways through which people and organizations online can exchange email addresses without their email addresses being picked up by bots. As you know, email addresses all over the net – whether in chat rooms, forums, online forms, etc. – are harvested by special programs in the Internet and sold to bulk emailers.

Address munging is done by making the email address unreadable to such harvester programs but understandable to humans. An example of this is the email address [email protected] that’s posted as anonymous at yahoo dot com over forums and chat rooms. This prevents …