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What are alternatives to Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the leader in web-based content-sensitive marketing.

Webmasters place Google AdSense JavaScript code on their web pages and Google AdSense serves advertisements based upon the content of the web page.

Some webmasters are either not accepted into the Google AdSense program, or do not wish to do business with Google.

For those webmasters, there are many alternatives to Google AdSense:

Yahoo Publisher Network
Yahoo! is expanding its distribution network to include you.
Based on demand from online publishers, we are opening our Publisher Network to the broader publisher community. Through the expanded platform, we plan to offer unique products and services to publishers of all sizes.

The new Yahoo! Publisher Network platform is now in beta and it enables you to:

  • Generate additional revenue from your site. Display ads related to the content on your site. You’ll earn revenue from qualified clicks.
  • Take advantage of Yahoo! Publisher tools, services and programs. Integrate other Yahoo! services into your web site, including Add to My Yahoo! (RSS), Y!Q and much more to come…
  • Help shape what Yahoo! offers the publishing community. This beta program is just the beginning. Our mission is to deliver products and services based on the needs of the publishing community.

Clicksor will pay you up to 60% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from your website. Contextual Advertising Technology by Clicksor allows your visitors to enjoy the content of your website and bring generous earnings to you at the same time.

As an affiliate, Clicksor passes its profits along to you by paying up to 60% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from your website. Clicksor provides online real time stats and a fortnightly payment schedule. In any pay period in which your earnings exceed $50.00, payments are made either by check or instantly through PayPal. Revenue totalling less that $50 will rolled into the following period.

Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn additional income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text or dislaying targeted contextual banner on their websites.

Targetpoint’s services are particularly publisher-oriented: You’ll have absolute control over the appearance of your ads, supervision over ad content, up-to-date statistics on your site’s performance and, most importantly, better bottom-line revenue.

Targetpoint offers Publisher services, which generate more money using our new, patent pending content recognition and matching technology:

  • Adpoint generates content-relevant, revenue-evaluated ads.
  • Exitpoint helps utilizing the full capacity web exit traffic.
  • Searchpoint (beta) features enhanced search capabilities, which enhance your users’ experience and generate additional profit.

Registration is free and quick. You are guaranteed to get 60% of the total on-click revenue. Payment options include Bank checks, Paypal and Wire transfers (if eligible).

MarketBanker features:

  • Instant, free setup
  • No software to install, just 4 lines of HTML
  • You set pricing for your site
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Small, non-intrusive text links (40 chars) are a pleasure
  • Approve or reject each link for your site
  • Automated link start and expiration
  • Track success with MarketBanker Statistics
  • Included in MarketBanker’s site directory
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Ten reasons why publishers are choosing BidClix, and making us one of the Internet’s leading ad networks:

  1. Get paid more for your ad inventory. We find the highest yielding ads for your site through our proprietary optimization technology. Since advertisers compete for access to your valuable inventory on a bid-for-placement basis, this maximizes your effective CPM.
  2. Fast payment – get paid within 15 days. You get paid faster from us and can put that money to work sooner. BidClix pays Net 15 from the end of each month.
  3. Thousands of advertisers. Our marketplace plugs you into an enormous pool of quality advertisers. Your site will always have fresh ad content, keeping site visitors interested and click-through rates high.
  4. Quality and integrity of our sites. We have stringent guidelines in place about which sites we work with – part of the reason we’re able to offer such great experiences for our partner publishers. The high quality of sites in our ad marketplace – sites like yours that offer focused, well-developed content – attracts high-paying advertisers who know the value of your audience (and are willing to pay). Our CPC prices and our revenue are also kept high because we have strict fraud controls in place.
  5. Highly efficient marketplace. With BidClix, you don’t need to negotiate with advertisers, or chase accounts. We take care of this for you in a fast, efficient marketplace, bringing thousands of advertisers together to compete for access to your valuable inventory. The end result is higher prices for your inventory, and substantial time and cost savings for you.
  6. Real-time reporting. BidClix’s comprehensive real-time reporting tools are part of our dedication to exceptional customer service. You can browse through a wide selection of reports, all designed to make it easy for you to track the performance of your ad inventory.
  7. Greater flexibility and control. BidClix offers more flexibility in how you manage your ad inventory. There are no costs to sell your inventory in the BidClix advertising marketplace, or sign-up or activation fees – it’s completely no-risk to try us out. You choose the BidClix channel that best matches the content of your site and the type of ad unit you want to display. We serve all types of standard ad units – banners, skyscrapers, towers, and pop-ups/unders. You can also use us to find new ways to place ads on your site.
  8. A dedicated selling team that can fill 100% of your inventory. BidClix is like having a virtual sales force working for you – connecting you with thousands of advertisers. You can fill 100% of your inventory with our ads, or use us to supplement your existing sales force. Our relationships with our publishers are entirely non-exclusive. You can work directly with other advertisers, or ad networks, although many publishers choose us as their sole revenue partner.
  9. Quick and easy to get started. Our simple application form takes only a few minutes to fill in. Then all you have to do is copy and paste a couple of lines of html code into your site, and you’re ready to go!
  10. Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Reliability. Work with a company that demonstrates the 3 R’s – Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Reliability. The people at BidClix are completely focused on responding to your needs with exceptional, innovative services.

RealContext helps Online Publishers maximize their ad revenues by displaying contextually relevant, targeted, and best bang-for-the-buck ads on their websites.

Based on our proprietary patent-pending Content and Behavior-based Targeting (CBeT) technology, RealContext is the next generation ad targeting system that will help you leverage your two biggest assets: your online audience and your online content.

RealContext will select ads that are:
Relevant To Your Content

Artificial intelligence techniques are used to select the most relevant ads that suit your web page content

Targeted To Your Visitors’ Interests

Your site-specific ad-click through data is used to select the most targeted ads to match your visitors’ interests

Selected to Maximize Revenues

Relevant and targeted keywords selected from your site are matched & filtered based on what advertisers are paying

RealContext Value Proposition:

  • Selects ads that match both your content and your visitors’ interests
  • Dynamic feedback loop to learn your audiences’ likes and dislikes and select targeted ads
  • Leverages your site-specific click-through data to only select ads that suit your audience’s interests.
  • Relies on a tightly-coupled reverse mapping algorithm to select ads with high revenue potential
  • Provides detailed in-depth domain- and url-level reporting
  • Supports kid-safe filtering, category/topic mapping and domain-/topic level ad blocking

AllFeeds Features:
Top pay-per-click listings from thousands of advertisers
Multiple formats available for your easy display

  • Text Links
  • Search Boxes
  • DHTML Popups
  • Buttons
  • Banners
  • XML Feeds

Real time Reporting

  • Monthly payouts with rollover earnings
    We will mail you a check once a month for as long as you have earned at least $25.00. If you dont earn $25.00 within one month, your earned comission will be added to your next month’s payment. Checks are mailed out the last day of the following month.
  • Free to join for qualified websites
  • Easy co-branding to your own look and feel
  • Customized campaigns including our award winning technology integration with Google Adsense!

Are you a Google Adsense account that’s tired of not getting paid for Google’s default public service listings? Replace them with Allfeeds.com technology today! With hardly any effort, you can add Allfeeds’s targeted listings to your existing Google Adsense account! It looks and feels the same but you get paid more often! Replace those public service ads today!

Adhearus will allow you to generate more revenue for your advertising space than you thought possible.
Better Ads for your website

Our revolutionary ad serving technology ensures that only the most relevant ads are shown on your site and is constantly optimizing their delivery to maximize your revenue.

Make more money.

You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad.
Advertisers will bid against each other for your advertising space, ensuring that you receive every penny that you deserve. Unlike other advertising programs, you get paid monthly for all of the revenue your website has earned, providing you will a steady income flow.


You can choose which ad types and sizes you would like to display and where. Currently the ad types available on Adhearus are: Text Ads, Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders, Banners, Buttons Rectangles and Skyscrapers.

Online Account Management and Reports.

We provide you with extensive reports so you can see how well our advertising is performing. You can change the type of ads you display as well as their location any time.

Display your own ads, too.

If you choose, you can rotate your own ads in with Adhearus ads. You can simply upload your own ads, specify how often you would like them displayed and we will rotate them in for you. You can even rotate in other advertising companies ads.

Online Account Management and Reports

We provide you with extensive reports so you can see how well our advertising is performing. You can change the type of ads you display as well as their location any time.

Filter out unwanted ads.

Even though we take extraordinary steps to ensure that only relevant ads are displayed on your site, we also provide you with the ability to block individual ads or entire advertisers that you don’t want to be displayed.

Getting started is fast and easy.

Joining online is easy and only takes a few minutes. After joining you will instantly be able to start displaying ads on your website. You’ll be generating new revenue within 5 minutes of now. Click here to apply online.

Affiliate Sensor’s context-relevant, text-link affiliate ad blocks let you choose from ClickBank’s over 10,000 products by copying and pasting a little JavaScript onto your web pages.

You show only context-relevent, highly targetted text ads that you have control over.
The ads you display are sorted to show the best performing affiliate links on top.
Real-time reporting, including clicks by domain, page and referrer.
An easy-to-use script building interface that lets you fully customize your ad blocks.
We give you 5% of the impressions of every account that signs up through your “Ads by..” link.
We have all of the adformats supplied by Google AdSense, so you can use our ads to replace the Public Service Ads (PSA’s). We even have a special link format that you can add directly into the google_alternate_ad_url line of your AdSense code.
AffiliateSense makes money by sending 5% of the ad-block impressions to their own ClickBank account and 5% to the account of whoever you signed up through.

Place text ads on your site and get paid for every click
Are you sure you are getting the most out of your advertising space?
Join BidVertiser now and we will turn your advertising space into cash! Simply display the BidVertiser text ads on your website and let advertisers bid against each other! We will always display the highest bidders to maximize your revenue!

Get paid for every click
You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad. Our goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on your ad space. We pay by monthly checks, with a minimum of only US $25.

Always have the highest bidders displayed on your website
BidVertiser will always display the highest bidders on your site, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time.

Have your bidding steadily improved over time
You will see a constant improvement in your bidding over time, as both your visitors and our advertisers will be exposed to the opportunity of bidding against each other on your ad space.

Customize the layout of your ads
BidVertiser gives you a simple point-and-click tool to help you customize the layout of the ads to fit your site’s look and feel, in order to retain the high quality of your website.

Block any unwanted ad
BidVertiser enables you to filter-out any unwanted ads. Prior to your own filtering, each ad has to be pre-approved by our editorial team. This mechanism gives you a piece of mind with regards to the ads displayed on your website.

Generate detailed reports to monitor your ads performance
Use the Publisher Center to generate detailed online reports to monitor your ads performance, including the number of page impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and the total amount you’ve earned.

Veoda has several opportunities to partner and earn money:

  • Static Listings Professional Contextual Ads Highly Acclaimed
  • Flash Listings professional animated scrolling ads
  • Search box Customizable search box that pays
  • Fly in Ads Text based Ads that Fly-In on a users screen
  • PowerBox?Professionally created search box and results
  • Xml Feeds Data feed for external parsing
  • Refer Users Receive 30% of all deposits/earnings for life

Revenue Pilot
RevenuePilot provides you with the most innovative, efficient and effective way to monetize your traffic. The Pay For Performance (PFP) and the Pay Per Click (PPC) markets have created ample opportunity for the web publishing community to turn its traffic into pure profits. RevenuePilot offers its affiliates seamless entrance into this highly profitable arena through its Premiere Pay Per Click Network.

Kanoodle Bright Ads
Put Kanoodle’s sponsored links on your web site and earn revenue with every click! No matter what type of content you have on your site, Kanoodle has BrightAds to match – so they’re always relevant and sure to appeal to your site’s visitors.

Matching Ads to Content – Brilliant!
We offer content publishers the opportunity to place on their sites ContextTarget?and BehaviorTarget?sponsored links – the only ones created exclusively for content sites. By mapping BrightAds to “topics” and “segments,” not to keywords, we match the content of your site to hand-picked areas of interest. This means the ads we show are always relevant to your visitors.

Easy Income – It’s a No-Brainer

  • Clearly Defined Revenue: BrightAds are text based, revenue-per-click (RPC) sponsored links. This means advertisers pay every time a visitor clicks on the links – and we’ll pay you a 50% share of the charge.
  • High Revenue-Per-Click (RPC): Kanoodle’s RPCs are highly competitive, with many topics monetizing at a rate significantly higher than our competitors.
  • PayPal: BrightAds offers easy payment via PayPal.

Smart – But You Don’t Have to be a Genius to Earn

Simplicity: Simple signup, simple setup! All you have to do is tell us a little bit about yourself and your site. Once you’re approved, we’ll automatically generate the HTML code you need. Just copy-and-paste it into your own site and you’re good to go.
Creative Control and Flexibility: You’re not limited to a single one-size-fits-all option. Pick how many BrightAds you want, customize how they look, and we’ll serve the ad units that work best for your site.
Detailed Reporting: Our detailed click and earnings reports mean you never have to guess at how well BrightAds is performing for you.

Enhance Interactive
Enhance Interactive serves its customers’ paid listings and contextual advertisements on search engines and content-based web sites throughout the Internet. We partner with industry leaders such as MSN and InfoSpace, as well as smaller search engines and targeted content sites, and we pay them cash for displaying our advertisers’ messages.
Here’s how we work with our distribution partners:

Cobrand Search
A revenue building strategy for customers who are currently leaving your web site. Instead of losing your users to a search engine when they opt to search the Web, simply offer them an opportunity to search right from your web site, while you make money each time a user clicks on a paid search listing.

Paid Listings
Integrate Enhance Interactive listings with your existing search results listings, and earn money each time a user clicks on an Enhance Interactive paid listing.

Contextual Advertising
Include branded listings located throughout your site. TopLinks?pulls the most popular Enhance Interactive advertisers (based on the content of each page) and displays them in an advertisement form. Whether you need pop-ups, pop unders, sidebars, skyscrapers or banners, or button/text links, this TopLinks?program caters to you.

Integration for all these programs is simple, and commission is paid out every 30 days. So, with just a few lines of code, you can have a custom-built search engine (or ad server) that further monetizes your traffic.

Quigo AdSonar
Make more money from your site traffic, on your terms. AdSonar gives you the tools to quickly and easily place advertisements on your site that will interest your users and produce clicks.
Set-Up is Easy
You define choices such as ad format and placement. Once users click on AdSonar ads on your site, you start earning money.
Improve Ad Relevancy
Only advertisers in your category can appear on your site.
Gain More Control
You can generate reports at the URL, domain and ad level to see where your ad revenues are originating.
Increase Your Profits
You define your own default ads and even serve ads from your own listings to stop unprofitable “filler ads.”


By partnering with Searchfeed.com, Webmasters enhance site content while earning additional revenue from existing web traffic. Through the integration of paid keyword content, visitors gain access to more relevant information about an area of interest, increasing usability and overall ‘stickiness’ of a partner’s site.
Searchfeed.com’s ad technology is deployed through both search and content channel integration, helping to monetize Internet traffic more effectively while maintaining the existing look and feel of a partner’s site.

Vibrant Media IntelliTXT

Vibrant Media’s patent-pending IntelliTXT technology highlights commercial text links from keywords appearing within pages of online content. Vibrant Media’s proprietary technology automates the analysis and categorization of content, identifies the most appropriate marketing message to deliver and, when activated by the user, dynamically serves advertising messages to the right user at the right time.

  • Contextual Targeting – Relevant, unobtrusive user-activated advertising messages within the content, providing further product or service information to readers
  • Simple Revenue Model – Pay-for-performance (CPC) pricing adds an instant incremental revenue stream. No set-up fees, virtually zero cost of sales and no impact on existing online advertising real estate.
  • Easy Implementation – Publisher set up is fast and easy – just integrate simple JavaScript. Publisher retains full editorial control over the look and feel of IntelliTXT.
  • Publisher Permission – IntelliTXT is controlled and managed by the publisher. This is not a desktop application.
  • User Activated – Delivers the advertiser’s message within the body of content only when the user mouses over the clearly identified advertising link.

Vibrant Media SmartAd

Vibrant Media’s patented SmartAD dynamically matches web publishers’ high-quality content with relevant leading advertisers that are searching for contextually targeted real estate. Contextually relevant banner ads are dynamically delivered adjacent to immediate editorial content. Publishers receive fixed CPM for all paid SmartAD units served on the site.

  • Adds incremental display advertising revenue.
  • Automates analysis and categorization of content to determine contextually appropriate advertising message.
  • Provides advertisers with a new method of delivering advertising messages in a highly contextual environment.
  • Complements publisher’s existing advertising and other third-party relationships.


Nixxie’s partnership solution uses intelligent technology that can read and understand the content of your websites pages. By doing so, Nixxie delivers advertising that is most relevant to the content of your web pages.
Nixxie offers a modular approach to contextual advertising. You have a choice of solutions featuring text ads, price comparison listings and live auction advertising. Click here to see a typical implementation of Nixxie on a web page.
What Nixxie can do for your website:

  • Create a complimentary or new advertising revenue stream.
  • Enhance user experience by featuring relevant and useful advertising.
  • Open the door to one of the Internet’s largest advertiser databases featuring big high street brands to local niche products and services.
  • Earn you revenues every time a visitor clicks on Nixxie’s listings.
  • Offers a variety of implementations tailor made to suit your websites requirements.
  • Very easy and quick implementations requiring minimal effort for maximum returns.
  • Superior customer service and timely payments.

MIVA AdRevenue Xpress

AdRevenue XpressTM (ARX) provides immediate revenue opportunities to web publishers by monetizing website traffic. ARX is a unique distribution program, offering small-to-medium-sized web publishers the opportunity to generate revenue by displaying relevant MIVA ad content on their website. By offering relevant content and services, partners extend brand equity and improve site visitor experience.

  • Dynamic Content – Provide your website with relevant content through predefined keyword searches
  • Search Box – Add a co-branded search box
  • Category Directory – Create category and directory searches based on site content
  • 404 Error Page – Turn embarrassing broken links and missing pages into revenue generating opportunities

How It Works

  • You choose the search or directory implementations that best fit your needs
  • You copy and paste or use a simple online wizard to integrate sponsored content
  • Your visitors use the search box, or click on a directory link or dynamic ad
  • We deliver relevant ad content from the MIVA Network
  • Your visitors click on one or more of the ads
  • You gain revenue through visitor clicks


Generating revenue, superior technology, a trusting partnership and customer support are the driving force of our Publisher network.
Generate Revenue
Earn up to an industry-high 65-percent monthly payout on all advertising revenue your website generates! Fastclick pays by the 25th of the month for the previous month by check or PayPal.
And now you can improve your ad revenue with Text Ads! Text Ads are a new, text-based ad format customizable by the publisher to integrate with your site and complement your current display advertising. Join us to see the possibilities.
Keep control and flexibility of your website – you choose what campaigns you want to run on your website and manage everything from a single online reporting interface. Default redirects and customer support are free!
Our publisher member base is entirely non-exclusive (no contracts), with no duration or volume commitments required. You get paid on time for the ads you advertise, never pay serving fees or default fees, and can cancel at any time.
Customer Support
Customer support is available to all publishers at no cost to assist you with your account setup, payment questions and more.
Join the fastest growing online advertising network today.

  • Earn up to an industry-high 65-percent monthly payout
  • Online interactive campaign control
  • Free support service
  • No fees
  • No exclusivity contracts
  • No volume contracts
  • No serving charges
  • Cancel at any time

contextWeb ContextAd

ContextAd provides a dramatic increase in click throughs, resulting in higher effective CPMs. Matching the most appropriate spots to the most appropriate advertisers translates into the ability to better manage and sell inventory. Additionally, the technology’s unique ability to bridge keyword and category targeting means it can access new inventory that publishers can offer advertisers, creating entirely new revenue streams. These factors represent critical competitive and economic differentiators in the rapidly evolving contextual advertising category.

  • Monetize your existing inventory. Create new inventory.
  • Customize creative to suit the look and feel of your site.
  • Online reports show you real-time revenue. Access them online 24/7.
  • Business terms are fair and transparent.
  • Sign up is easy. Start using ContextAd within minutes.

There are many benefits to using ContextAd:
Ads are served in real-time
ContextAd uses our patent pending technology to connect content, ads, and users all within as little as 20 milliseconds. Our system assigns a definition to each web page in our network in real-time which means that ContextAd can be used with dynamic content. As a result, you can show the most relevant ads on all your web pages, enhancing the value for your users and advertisers, while increasing your CPM.
Categories and keywords are utilized for matching
ContextAd goes beyond searching for a single keyword. It indexes your page with the category and multiple keywords without the delay of time consuming hand coding. This unique combination of category and keywords delivers more value to the advertiser and therefore a higher CPM for you. Click here to learn more
Increase inventory
ContextAd creates keyword and category inventory across content, solving an inventory shortage that exists on search keywords.
Create new revenue streams
ContextAd offers you the ability to create new revenue streams by adding contextual ad units on your site. ContextAd uses a revenue ranking system that rewards the best performing ads with more volume. This means that the targeted ads that are rotated across your web site are optimized based on relevance, performance, and price, so they produce as much revenue as possible. When ads are more relevant, more users will be interested in them and will click on them more often – earning more money for you.
Add value to existing inventory
Our technology identifies the most accurate keywords to describe the content on each page and then delivers ads from the related category, creating greater value. Ultimately your web site becomes a more trusted resource for customers since they only view ads that are relevant to their own interests.
ContextAd can support customized ad units
ContextAd not only supports standard IAB sizes, but also allows non-standard sizes as well. For example, ContextWeb’s PowerAd (500×300) has been created to maximize the publisher’s CPM.
Customize the look and feel of the ads on your web page
You now have the ability to control the various colors of the creative units on your web pages. Customize your ads by text color, title color, background color and the border color. This can all be easily accomplished through the online portal for publishers.
Online reports are continually updated. Access them online 24/7.
Once you are using ContextAd you will have access to continually updated revenue reporting. Our system tracks ad performance and provides detailed reporting on page impressions, number of clicks, click through rates and overall revenue results.


Accelerate your site’s revenue
Stop wasting space on your site serving annoying graphical ads that surfers mentally tune out. Accelerate your revenues by serving great looking TargetFirst text ads that have a much higher click through rate, and blend in beautifully with your pages.
Earning Power
TargetFirst’s auction environment utilizes proprietary Value Rank technology giving advertisers unprecedented control and clarity about the traffic they are bidding on, this consistently drives better returns for publishers with quality traffic. TargetFirst pays promptly on the 15th of each month so there is no waiting to collect the revenue you earn.
Spider based ad-serving puts the context of the ads served to your site in the hands of a robot that often makes mistakes, leaving you with an underperforming CTR. TargetFirst uses a passive spider that simply flags our administrators when it thinks our channel-based system may be making mistakes. Giving publishers the most possible control over every single aspect of how ads are served was the minimum benchmark used when publisher console was designed.
At TargetFirst, we know that we are only as successful as our publisher partners. We look at our publishers as true partners, we are always willing to talk to you about your eCPM goals and strategize with you on ways to constantly improve it. Naturally there are no exclusivity or volume contracts.


CoverClicks ads are shown all over the Internet through pop-ups, pop-unders, banner ads, text ads and more. Now you can work with one of the most profitable programs available at a payout usually reserved for the largest advertising networks.
CoverClicks provides flexible real-time reporting, multiple creatives and reliable payment.
Sign up, place CoverClicks links on your site or email lists and then watch your stats in real-time. Conversions can often be as high as 60% off the click.
CoverClicks is the exclusive marketer of WinHundred.com, MaxMoolah.com and SweepsFactory.com.


AdBrite, “The Internet’s Ad Marketplace”, is an e-commerce site. Rather than selling books, CDs, or rare antiques, AdBrite sells ad space on thousands of websites.
If you’re a publisher, use AdBrite to set your own ad rates, and approve or reject every ad that’s purchased for your site. AdBrite enables you to instantly sell ads to your visitors via a “Your Ad Here” link, in addition to selling through AdBrite’s marketplace and sales team.
Our revenue split is 75/25 in your favor. Through a small snippet of HTML placed on your site, we handle serving, scheduling, billing, customer service, and sales. About half of AdBrite’s sales are generated from our marketplace and sales team, while the other half are generated from users clicking “Your Ad Here” on our publisher’s sites.
While AdBrite can provide publishers with more revenue and better ads than traditional ad networks such as Google AdSense, we work fine along-side them as a simple way to generate additional ad revenue by selling ads directly to your visitors — something the other ad systems don’t do.
If you’re using AdBrite in addition to another ad network, you can turn off AdBrite’s “run-of-network ads” and AdBrite will only display ads that have been approved by you. If you have no ads running, AdBrite will display nothing but “Your Ad Here”, so no real estate is wasted and you have nothing to lose.
AdBrite doesn’t display the big “brick” of ads that you’re used to. Rather, AdBrite gives publishers full control over the look and feel of their ads so AdBrite can be integrated seamlessly into any website.


Rydium was founded in 1999 with a mandate to provide branding and direct response advertising opportunities across a group of niche content online publishers. Rydium continues to maintain its position as a premium online advertising company.
The Rydium Network is formed by our top tier, best performing websites. We promote and work with each one individually, giving both the advertiser and the publisher substantial advertising opportunities. By advertising within the Rydium Network, your campaign will reach its targeted and savvy audience, as we have structured our network with various channels to offer diversification and the opportunity to properly optimize our advertiser’s campaigns.
Due to the demand and versatility of our advertisers needs the Rydium Network has adapted quickly and expanded its focus into the following vertical markets; Gaming, Wireless, Shopping, Entertainment and Sports.


Claxon Media offers you multiple ad formats, accurate stats, timely payments (check, wire, & Paypal), low minimum earning requirements, high fill rates, and the ability to preview ads, opt out of ads, and set up defaults. We also guarantee speedy replies to your questions and the best customer service possible.


Earn 6 to 20 centers every time a surfer clicks on an advertisement on your page.
Use text links, buttons, or banners.


Start earning large amounts of commission now by joining one of the many Affiliate programs listed in the clixGalore affiliate network.
Using the ‘Instant Website Builder’ tool, located in your clixGalore Member Home area, you can easily and instanly generate promotional web pages containing our Merchant’s products. You may use these pages to promote and earn commission for product sales generated for our Merchants.
clixGalore is one of the larger affiliate networks with over 4500+ Affiliate programs for you to join. Affiliate networks and affiliate programs are increasingly used by merchants for affiliate marketing and product / website promotion. These merchants seek affiliates to promote their products / services and in return will pay you high commissions.
Join our affiliate network and choose from the many affiliate programs that will pay you high commissions for displaying advertisements on your website, in newsletters and emails. You may choose from the many graphic, text, Macromedia ‘flash’ or custom html advertisements available.


Generating revenue, superior technology, a trusting partnership and customer support are the driving force of our Publisher network.
Generate Revenue
Earn up to an industry-high 65-percent monthly payout on all advertising revenue your website generates! Aclickcent pays by the 25th of the month for the previous month by check or PayPal.
And now you can improve your ad revenue with Text Ads! Text Ads are a new, text-based ad format customizable by the publisher to integrate with your site and complement your current display advertising. Join us to see the possibilities.
Keep control and flexibility of your website – you choose what campaigns you want to run on your website and manage everything from a single online reporting interface. Default redirects and customer support are free!
Our publisher member base is entirely non-exclusive (no contracts), with no duration or volume commitments required. You get paid on time for the ads you advertise, never pay serving fees or default fees, and can cancel at any time.
Customer Support
Customer support is available to all publishers at no cost to assist you with your account setup, payment questions and more.
Join the fastest growing online advertising network today.

  • Earn up to an industry-high 65-percent monthly payout
  • Online interactive campaign control
  • Free support service
  • No fees
  • No exclusivity contracts
  • No volume contracts
  • No serving charges
  • Cancel at any time


DynamiContext provides web publishers a new way to gain new and increased advertising revenue streams and take part of the booming online advertising market that is expected to grow by 2008 to a $15.6 billion market.
DynamiContext is a contextual advertising solution for web publishers interested to increase their online advertising revenue, while providing value to their users. DynamiContext uses patent-pending technology to analyze web pages in real time, seamlessly determine the topic and keywords of each page, and then deliver advertisers’ targeted messages that are relevant to the context.
DynamiContext delivers additional revenue for web Publishers from day one of implementation.
DynamiContext delivers the targeted advertisements via two unique Ad Units that web Publishers can utilize: AdLink and TextMatch.
Benefits for web Publishers
Maximized ad revenues and new revenue opportunities with minimal effort

  • Improve user experience and overall website and content quality by increasing the relevancy of ads to content.
  • Increase CPMs and CPCs and improve click-through rates by serving ads that are relevant to content.
  • Provide an improved advertising solution for advertisers and agencies
  • Start generating Revenue from Day one of implementation, utilizing DynamiContext?s MultiSource Ad System.

Editorial setup and Customization

  • Define Specific Content Categories and targeting rules.
  • Filter out your competitors’ ads.
  • Fine-tune keywords, relevancy criteria and custom rules to match your specific business requirements.

Superior technology provides best-of-breed solution

  • Unmatched semantic and statistical algorithms facilitate matching relevant ads to unlimited dynamic pages of content.
  • Achieve real relevancy based on the actual data extracted from pages of content, Vs. Relying only on category-level matching.
  • Enjoy a fully dynamic solution that handles content as it is served (supports news feeds, multiple content sources, etc.), with no lag time or reliance on a search engine index.
  • Machine-learning algorithms ‘learn’ the structure of the content to ensure that only relevant ads are served.

Effortless Setup

  • As easy as placing banner ads tag on a web page.
  • Up and running in hours with practically no technical integration.
  • Utilize multiple ad formats automatically (Single ad tag will enable both TextMatch and AdLinks).
  • Customize ad units, using multiple format paramters, to fit your site’s format and structure.


AzoogleAds is a performance-based online advertising network comprised of a variety of effective large to medium vertical sites, portals and email publishers.

  • Guaranteed Highest CPA Payouts.
  • 75%+ CPM payouts (highest in industry).
  • Variety of CPM, CPC, and CPA choices Fortune 500, and 1000 Advertisers.
  • Proven net 15 ON-TIME payouts.
  • Fanatical Customer Support.
  • Exclusive Rewards Program.

Casale Media

Looking for an end-to-end solution that delivers maximum earnings and high quality advertising content? Casale Media connects its publishers to a large selection of quality advertisers across all verticals, and provides the technology needed to track, analyze and optimize the value and utilization of online media inventory. All Casale Media publishers are provided with a custom web-based account interface that empowers them to take complete control over every conceivable aspect of ad management. Best of all, every ad delivered to publishers’ sites is dynamically optimized to maximize advertising income and inventory allocation. That means happy advertisers, satisfied readers, and more revenue for publishers.
If the web property you currently operate receives more than 10,000 unique visitors per month, attracts an English-based audience, and is hosted under a root domain ( e.g. http://www.domain.com ), you may qualify to become a publisher of the Casale Media advertising network.
Casale Media Publisher Highlights:

  • Maximize the CPM value and fill percentage of your online media inventory
  • Receive the industry’s highest revenue share – 70%
  • Monitor and evaluate traffic, campaign, and advertiser performance in real-time for all of your sites
  • Place high-quality ads from leading advertisers
  • Take total control of your inventory, filter advertisers and ad content, set CPM criteria, fully manage default campaigns, and much more!
  • No risk with CPM disbursements and dependable Net 30 payments
  • The industry’s highest inventory fill percentages
  • Streamlined user interface makes it quick and easy to access the statistics and controls you need
  • Unrestricted advertiser selection and complete ad filtering control
  • Publisher frequency caps

Burst Media

BURST! Media sells advertising for more than 2000 websites that represent the highest quality specialty content on the Internet. BURST! is devoted to meeting the needs of both our specialty-content web publishers, and advertisers who understand the unique value of specialty-content web sites and their audiences.
Do you have a specialty content web site with a passionate audience? BURST! can help you make money through advertising to your site visitors. Get a powerful set of tools that make it quick and easy to manage advertising on your site while maintaining complete control.

Tribal Fusion

The quality and reach of the sites Tribal Fusion represents is the key to building successful relationships with advertisers. Tribal Fusion strives to maintain pure, relevant content in each of their channels, and accepts only a small percentage of publishers who seek representation.
Publishers who meet the rigorous quality standards can expect to discover the benefits of partnering with Tribal Fusion – and maximize the value of their highly targeted content:

  • Top CPM rates. Highly respected advertisers and smart campaigns generate high CPMs for your valuable online ad inventory.
  • Increased sales force at reduced cost. Save the cost of recruiting, training, and maintaining an in-house sales force.
  • Free proprietary ad-serving solution. Serve and manage your own campaigns through a powerful interface.


Right Media offers publishers different solutions to help them manage preemptible (non-guaranteed) inventory more efficiently. Some use Yield Manager as a full media management platform. Some simply join the RM Ad Network. All benefit from a fundamental methodology: 1) let thousands of campaigns in the broad marketplace compete for every impression; 2) always serve the highest-paying campaign.
The RM Ad Network takes a new, Darwinian approach to inventory management: force advertisers to compete for every impression. Instead of guaranteeing advertisers or ad networks bulks of inventory (often at fixed prices that might not reflect true value), publishers on the RM Ad Network auction off every impression to the buyer that can pay the most, and maximize revenue.


Are you a publisher looking to maximize your advertising revenue? Applying to become a publisher of the RealTechNetwork may be what you have been looking for.
Why choose RealTechNetwork?

  • All US/CAN/UK/AU/EU advertisements are on a CPM basis.
  • All other international traffic is accepted and based on a CPC/CPM ratio.
  • Complete 100% sell-through of your traffic*.
  • Some of the highest paying rates available for a variety of the most popular creative sizes.
  • All payments are either paid to you net-60 via check, Paypal, or wire transfer.
  • Company checks airmailed to all international publishers free of charge.
  • Join a trusted network with over 700 + active publishers.
  • Over 1.6 billion impressions served each month!
  • One of the industry’s highest payouts: 70% revenue share.
  • Dependable payment terms – Net 60.
  • Referral program – Earn 5% of referred advertiser’s expenditure and 5% of referred publisher’s earnings for life of referral.
  • Complete publisher control over inventory.
  • No type of contract to sign.
  • No active-x, malware, adware, spyware, or hijacking types creatives accepted on the network.
  • No Paypal fees to worry about (RealTechNetwork covers them all).
  • Top tiered advertisers such as Dell, Gillette, Citicorp, Microsoft’s MSN, and various Time Warner properties.

Buds Media Network

Whether you’re using us for a piece of your ad chain, your only ad source, or to run campaigns through our affiliate network, BUDS Media is dedicated to getting you the highest revenue possible for your inventory. Unlike other networks that can’t fill your entire inventory and leave you with unsold impressions, BUDS Media guarantees to fully sell all your ads at premium rates. Our affiliate network also has tons of top notch offers, such as Hotbar, screensavers.com, and great sweepstakes and giveaways.


ValueClick Media is one of the largest and most reputable online advertising networks, representing more than 6,000 quality media properties of all sizes, including top portals, leading vertical content sites and niche content sites. Whether on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, publishers can depend on ValueClick Media for a comprehensive and reliable solution to generate revenue from their online advertising inventory.
High Effective CPMs
ValueClick Media’s experienced national advertising sales team works hard to get the best possible rates, so revenue opportunities can be passed along to publishers.
Guaranteed On-Time Payments
ValueClick Media offers competitive rates and the most frequent payments to publishers for verified traffic, whether or not payment has been received from advertisers.
Leading Brand Advertisers
Established relationships with major online advertisers across all vertical market segments allow ValueClick Media to bring publishers the most effective and relevant advertisements to their users.
Maximize Revenue from Multiple Ad Units
ValueClick Media’s experienced business development team works with publishers to determine the best way to leverage available inventory, whether on a CPM, CPC or CPL/CPA basis.
Competitive Referral Program
ValueClick Media offers a competitive referral program to increase profits by inviting new sites to become ValueClick Media Publisher Partners.
Other Publisher Features:

  • Easy sign-up and implementation
  • Competitive rates
  • Top tier advertisers
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Complete tracking and billing
  • Responsive publisher services
  • 99.9% network reliability
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Multiple ad formats

Mamma Media Solutions

Earn revenue from search and graphic advertising while enhancing your site at the same time. You have the flexibility to select or combine two different types of revenue streams for your website: search ads or graphic ads.
Graphic Ad Solutions
Maximize revenue on your site with a wide range of ad units based on viewed ad impressions or clicks. Receive targeted ads, from high quality advertisers on your site and increase your site’s earning potential.
Search Solutions
Implement a simple search solution to make your site more user friendly and generate revenue. You can choose to have organic search results, or search ads, or both!

RealCast Media

RealCast Media was designed to provide small- and mid-sized web sites with an avenue to become part of an online publishing team. Our philosophy is not to concentrate on the larger web sites that other site representation companies seek. We believe that the small- and mid-sized web sites provide a more focused and selective reach. Likewise, we find our web users to be extremely active and more comfortable with their online experience.
RealCast Media continually seeks high-quality web sites with targeted content and loyal audiences.
When you become a member of the RealCast Media publishing team, you receive:
Maximized Revenue
We provide online reporting of all web traffic to maintain our “win-win” campaign philosophy.
Niche Publishing Operations
RealCast Media is comprised on small- to mid-sized web sites with a dedicated user base. We seek niche web sites and audiences outside the Media Metrix Top 100 web sites.
State-of-the Art Technology
RealCast Media uses superior ad serving technology and years of experience in online marketing to help publishers and networks to effectively sell their online inventory.

Hurricane Digital Media

Why Choose Hurricane Digital Media?

  • We sell and manage your advertising inventory
  • We have 100% sell through – no more default ads
  • We payout net 45
  • We serve CPM offers
  • Payments via check or PayPal
  • No monthly minimum impression volume requirements
  • Non-exclusive agreement – 60% payout
  • Exclusive agreement – 75% payout
  • Run our ads as much, or as little as you want
  • We accept forums, messageboards, chat, and new sites
  • Top-notch customer service


Advertising.com conducts strategic direct-response and brand marketing campaigns that guarantee bottom-line results for our clients. From web ads to search listings, we offer diverse tactical tools, innovative thinking and the most expansive reach in the industry.
There’s no better way for publishers to monetize their advertising inventory than by partnering with Advertising.com. We’ll increase your revenue using the most innovative strategies and technologies available – with program choices that give you confidence and control.

  • Fill your inventory – with our massive and diverse advertiser base, we offer reliable, long-term revenue for 100% of your web and email inventory.
  • Create new revenue streams – we’re continually developing innovative new revenue opportunities for you, including behavioral targeting, co-registration and more.
  • Boost your appeal – our specialized tools and technologies will help you make your inventory as attractive and lucrative as possible for advertisers. And when they perform well, you perform well.


At adagency1 we provide you, as our Affiliate, with a constant stream of web revenue. We do this by helping you sell 100% of your impressions to a growing number of advertisers?we have hundreds of advertisers who are eager to buy ad space on your pages.
If you’re interested in earning maximum income (70% payout) from your site’s assets, you’ve come to the right place. adagency1 is the industry’s most complete single source for adding more revenue generators to your site. (However you choose to work with us, you get attentive customer service, easy-to-use online reports, and reliable payments (Net 60 days via Stormpay), too.
Become one of the more than 100 sites on the leading CPM-based, direct response network! You make money from whatever portion of your inventory you want to make available.

Traffic Marketplace

Become a Traffic Marketplace Express Publisher today and start earning additional revenue serving ads from your website. We bring the advertisers to your site and pay you 65% of the revenue your site’s users generate.
Our top publishers are earning over $10,000 per month. Sign up your site and start enjoying these benefits:

  • Consistent payments – net-30 terms puts money in your pocket each month
  • Automatic optimization – proprietary technology maximizes your revenue
  • Online reporting – manage your account with continuous visibility
  • Referral and Affiliate Programs – earn revenue helping us grow our network

Revenue Science

Behavioral targeting from Revenue Science enables you to increase revenue with little investment—regardless of the size and type of your web site, or your current advertising model.
We are dedicated to helping you monetize your web site inventory by leveraging our:

  • Science: We are the creators of the most advanced behavioral targeting technology in the industry that is unmatched for accurately segmenting behaviors and actions into audiences.
  • Media Expertise: We live and breathe our technology and will guide you through implementation, activation, and adoption in order to increase your revenue.
  • Results: We are relentlessly focused on producing increased revenue results for our publisher clients. Don’t take our word for it—see what our clients have to say.

With unmatched technology and seasoned media experts, Revenue Science is the clear market leader in behavioral targeting. Our customers range from the largest multinational media companies to small “long-tail” sites that serve dedicated, passionate audiences.
Collectively, our publishers represent more than 30 billion behavioral targeting impressions across the Internet, enabling Fortune 500 to top direct response advertisers to effectively reach their most interested audiences.


There are a lot of ways to sell advertising space. We want to maximize the long-term value of your web site by helping you sell directly to advertisers. Selling directly promotes your brand and your business, so that advertisers can discover the true value of your web site’s content and audience. Adify costs nothing to try, and gives you greater control over your advertising destiny.
Grow your revenue by capturing new advertisers

  • Over 500,000 advertisers – and thousands more each day – are buying online advertising using self service tools. These advertisers are looking for new places to spend their online advertising dollars.
  • Most publishers lack the time and/or tools to service these new direct advertisers. Adify allows you to sell directly to these new advertisers through a branded, self-service storefront.
  • You set the price and terms of the ad space you sell through your storefront. Unlike third-party ad sales, you can set rates for advertisers that truly represents the value of your site’s content and visitors.

You’re in control

  • Adify is designed from the ground up to meet publisher’s needs.
  • You control every aspect of your storefront – merchandising, pricing, ad space creation, advertiser approval, and payment options.
  • Sell text or graphic ads; sponsorships, CPM or CPC – you decide which mix works best for your web site and your advertisers.
  • You keep 80% of the ad revenue. Adify charges an Advertising Deployment and Delivery (“ADD”) Fee of 20% for powering your storefront and related services.

Adify makes it easy

  • Adify automates the entire direct advertising sales process.
  • We host your storefront, and take care of billing, ad serving, tracking, reporting, and collecting payments.
  • Set-up is quick – in just a few steps you can set up your storefront and start selling your ad space.
  • With Adify’s account management tools, you can easily test and optimize different ways of setting up your storefront and selling your ad inventory.

Count on world-class service and support

  • Adify’s founders are Internet ad network and media pioneers. We understand the needs of all types of publishers, so you can depend on us to deliver the service you expect.

OutBout Media

As a publishing partner in the Outbout Publishing Network, you receive 60% of what advertisers pay per each unique click your website generates. To integrate our unique contextual PPC ads into your site, we provide you various linking methods ranging from dynamic targeted banners to advanced XML and RSS integration.
We believe that simplicity is the key to your success. Our contextual banners automatically match your site up with related ads so you can start earning revenue quickly and easily. All our results are sorted by the highest bidder thus helping you achieve the maximum revenue possible from your traffic.
Best of all, this partnership is offered to you at no cost and we help you in everyway possible to maximize your potential traffic revenue.

24-7 RealMedia

24-7 RealMedia helps publishers offer advertising packages to leading marketers, in addition 24-7 RealMedia offers advertising management, web site representation, lead generation optimization and support targeting your market segments with the goal being retaining traffic.

Advertising Management

It’s easy to mange your web site’s advertisements with 24-7 RealMedia. Open Adstream, 24-7 RealMedia’s management software offers publishers an effective way to maximize their ad inventory. It’s easy to choose which advertisements you would like delivered from your web site, in addition metrics which include campaign status and web site analytics, revenue reports, and behavioral reports are included. Open Adstream is one of the most powerful advertising management systems around making it an indispensable resource for any web site publisher.

Web Site Representation

24-7 RealMedia includes tools for publishers to help attract the right audience to advertisers. 24-7 RealMedia helps web site publishers attain exposure from the top advertising agencies and advertises around the globe. Publishers can be exposed to over 120 million users each month with Global web Alliance. In addition to great exposure, you can also gain valuable information through inventory management data and audience intelligence making sure that your web site’s representation is maximized effectively.

Lead Generation

24-7 RealMedia also offers publishers with a comprehensive strategy to boost lead generation. 24-7 RealMedia works together with you to ensure your search marketing strategy is on target and fully optimized with the latest technology. Display advertising is also an important tool in a lead generation strategy and 24-7 RealMedia expertise can help you grow your publishing business.

Retention and Traffic

It’s easy to retain your traffic once you know what has been attracting them. Open Adstream employs a strategy of behavioral targeting to your publishing business. With just one click, you can gain the insight and ability to deliver the right audience to your advertisers. With Open Adstream, the benefits of targeting your audience don’t stop there, once visitors return to your web site or any site on the Global web Alliance, you can easily retarget your visitor via previous behavioral traits.

Commission Junction

It’s easy to maximize your revenue opportunities with Commission Junction. Commission Junction works with top advertisers to deliver robust results to publishers around the globe.
Commission Junction offers its publishers the CJ Marketplace. This is a marketplace filled with top rated advertisers that CJ publishers can promote and market. Commission Junction offers handsome commissions for either lead generation or sales. As a publisher, you can easily search through the CJ Marketplace to find leading advertisers to place on your web site, search listing or even email campaign and with Commission Junction management system, you can easily analyze the many reports and metrics available and fine tune your strategy to boost revenue even more. Commission Junction is extremely transparent with its publishers and advertisers and offers two metrics which include EPC (average earnings per 100 clicks) and network earnings. This enables a way for both publishers and advertisers to analyze the effectiveness of their strategy.
Another way to boost revenue even further is to utilize CJ Performer. CJ Performer is exclusive to top performing publishers. CJ Performer offers qualifying publishers an account manger, top customer service including technical support and transactional feeds that can be customized to a specific web site.
Commission Junction is one of the top cost per action ad networks in the industry with thousands of advertisers and publishers enrolled. Commission Junction has earned a reputation for delivering an excellent return on investment for both advertisers and publishers.


LinkShare is one of the largest CPA (cost per action) ad networks. LinkShare has been around since 1996 and is well known as one of the top ad networks for affiliate marketers (publishers) offering the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network and being seen as one of the most respected brokers bringing together both advertisers and publishers.
LinkShare goes a long way to make sure that both advertisers and publishers are given the tools to generate revenue. LinkShare does a fine job of tracking and reporting for both advertisers and publishers, sending out detailed reports on every ad placed, disbursing monthly payments and providing tools to help customize and optimize their web sites to succeed online.
LinkShare offers publishers a commission when a specific action takes place. For instance, LinkShare offers pay per click (CPC), pay per lead generated (CPA) and pay per sale (CPA).


LinkShare provides publishers with accurate technology. LinkShare’s tracking technology does not use cookies to track action and is therefore considered to be far more reliable than other ad networks. LinkShare’s tracking technology is web based and extremely easy for publishers to manage.

Tools and Solutions

LinkShare Affiliate Tools and Solutions offer its publisher a wide range of resources to get the most out of their ad network experience.

  • Merchandiser Data feed- This tool allows publishers to easily download links to their web site, no longer requiring publishers to create each link manually.
  • Dynamic Rich Media- Looking for an easy way to receive updates, Dynamic Rich Media makes it easy for advertisers to update their content to their affiliates without changing code.
  • Signature- Signature is a great way to view transactions on every level, whether it is an individual member, sub site or organization.

LinkShare is a CPA ad network that offers reliability, comprehensive support and excellent pay outs. As a publisher, you can start earning immediately by signing up and becoming a LinkShare affiliate. Joining LinkShare is incredibly easy and it’s free to become a member.

MSN AdCenter

MSN has joined the other goliaths in Search (Google and Yahoo!) delivering a respectable CPC ad network. MSN adCenter was launched in the beginning of 2006 for advertisers and is currently in closed beta for publishers. However, it is expected that in the near future, MSN adCenter will be welcoming publishers.

MSN adCenter Technology

MSN adCenter’s technology is similar to Google Adwords, both use a Pay per Click approach that has advertisers bidding on keywords and creating text based ads. A strong selling point is the ability of those advertising on MSN AdCenter to target their market by serving ads to specific demographics and restricting demographics that don’t fit the advertisers target market. In addition, advertisers can bid a premium to view specific demographics potentially increasing the conversion rate.
While information is not yet available regarding what kind of features and resources will be made available to publishers once the close beta ends, many in the industry expect that MSN will deliver an effective CPC ad network, ensuring that MSN adCenter will be one of the biggest players in the industry.

Accelerator Media

Maximize revenue with one of the most effective ad servicing technologies available. Accelerator Media is billed as Intelligent Targeted Advertising giving this ad network a step up on the competition.
Accelerator Media strives to bring top notched service and high level performance to affiliates to ensure robust revenue generation. Accelerator Media ad network actually learns the user’s behavior so that advertisers don’t have to focus only on one channel. Accelerator Media goes further and analyses the users past behavior, serving out ads that it believes will spur interest in the user.

Maximize Revenue

For publishers that are looking to maximize their revenue, Accelerator Media pays publishers from 50% to 60% (percentage varies depending on whether Accelerator Media sells your exclusive ad space or just handles inventory that is unsold).

Accelerator Media’s Top Rated Ad Serving Technology

Accelerator Media uses Adbureau to serve its ads globally. Publishers can easily choose their own campaigns, allowing a publisher to ad code to the web sites or web pages by easily cutting and pasting. Once up and running, Accelerator Media gives you comprehensive web stats that can easily be analyzed to optimize your revenue potential.

Advertisers Love Accelerator Media

Accelerator Media has 19 channels that can be divided further into 400 sub channels giving advertisers a great opportunity at content specific ads. Accelerator Media helps publishers by aggregating similar sites into a focused channel or sub channel, raising ad rates and revenue for publishers.

Core Technology Features

Accelerator Media makes ad management for both buyers and sellers extremely efficient by maximizing the value of each ad. Following are the core technology features included:

  • Unique Auction Platform allows campaigns to compete for each impression. Competition is based on its real value determined by both buyers and seller in a real time auction environment
  • Ability for buyers to optimize global media, enhancing return on investment goals on each ad that is called
  • Inventory optimization for sellers. This technology serves out the highest paying ad on each ad that is called.
  • Advanced workflow technology makes it easy for targeting, reporting and banning.


Maximize your Unsold Inventory with AdDynamix

AdDynamix has a reputation for being one of the most trusted CPM and CPC ad networks on the net. AdDynamix has helped many web publishers not only maximize revenue, but also generate new opportunities for growth.
If you are looking to completely outsource your sales or just need a service to help you maximize your unsold inventory, AdDynamix can help you reach your goals.

Top Reasons to Choose AdDynamix

  • No Exclusionary contracts
  • Offers one of the top pay out rates of any ad network to maximize your revenue
  • A very long list of Fortune 500 Advertisers that buy AdDynamix ads
  • Resources to maximize your unsold inventory quickly and easily
  • Advanced AdDynamix technology includes the ability for ads to be rotated and includes real time reporting, auditing and much, much more.
  • AdDynamix has been around since 1997
  • AdDynamix is audited and its technology is certified.

AdDynamix is committed to providing its publishers with extremely effective and easy to use solutions to maximize ad space and revenue. There is a wide range of ads that can be served including banners, leaderboards, medium rectangles, skyscrapers, floating ads and pop unders.


AdEngage makes it extremely easy for publishers to generate ad revenue by displaying text based ads on their web sites.

How AdEngage Works

For publishers, AdEngage is simple to use, sign up and list your site on AdEngage’s web site directory, paste a few lines of HTML code on your web site and advertisers can choose to buy advertising on your site. Once an ad space is purchased by an advertiser AdEngage simply serves the ads. Payment is made from the advertiser to the publisher through the AdEngage network.
AdEngage helps the publisher with many services including promoting your site to publishers, as well as payment processing, comprehensive site statistics, ad rotation and responsive technical support via email or phone.

AdEngage Weekly Ads

AdEngage offers advertisers the opportunity for their ad to run on a publisher’s sites for one week intervals. Ads are priced on a per week basis, whether viewers click the CPC ad or not. In addition, if a publisher has inventory available, CPC run on network ads can be rotated until weekly ads are purchased.

Ad Integration Tools

AdEngage allows publishers to blend ads into their web sites very easily. The publisher can easily customize the ad by selecting the size and color of each ad box. The publisher can even choose the color, range of spacing, font styles, etc.

Ad Placement

Ad placement can be critical to revenue success. AdEngage offers publishers an entire guide to help with optimal placement of ads to maximize revenue.

Text and Photo Ads

AdEngage offers the publisher the ability to serve both text ads and photo ads. Text based ads is usually referred to as the industry standard, however photo ads are quickly becoming extremely popular and can boost revenue potential in certain situations. A photo ad box is an ad that display images selected by the advertiser. These images usually have a greater opportunity of gaining a viewers attention than the standard text ad.


Adgenta wants publishers to discover their income potential.
Adgenta is extremely easy to use, but a very powerful tool to unlock revenue on either a web site or blog. Adgenta offers Q-Ads which make it very easy to embed ads on either your web site or blog just by cutting and pasting.

Be In Control of the Ads you Show

Because Q-Ads allow you to choose the keywords for the advertisements shown on your site, making controlling the ads that are shown extremely easy and also increasing your ability to monetize your content, blog, RSS feed or web site. Q-Ads even boost your control by allowing you choose what your ads look like, which ads can be displayed and the placement of ads. It is extremely easy to generate revenue with Adgenta on your own terms.
Highlights of Adgenta’s Q-Ads

  • As a publisher, you are free from traditional ad network constraints. You have enormous control regarding all aspects of ad delivery.
  • Adgenta Q-Ads is the perfect tool for bloggers. Bloggers can choose ads with specific keywords based upon a blog’s content.
  • Maximize Ad Revenue. Q-Ads automatically display the highest paying advertisement for each keyword you choose. In addition, Adgenta makes sure that payouts are one of the highest in the industry.
  • Q-Ads is constantly updated to improve the ads that are available to publishers. A pool of advertisers offers plenty of ads on almost any topic or niche.
  • Easy to Customize. Ads inserted into web sites and blogs are extremely flexible, because they are images, you can place them anywhere on your web page or blog.

For those bloggers and web site publishers that would like to monetize and maximize their ad generating potential, there is no easier way on the net than with Adgenta.


Looking for a great cost per click ad network? Partnering with AdKnowledge is one of the most effective ways to receive the best eCPM (earning for clicks per thousand) in the industry. Outsourcing your ad inventory to AdKnowledge is the perfect solution for web, search and email inventory.

The Benefits of Using AdKnowledge

  • Extremely high eCPM’s due to AdKnowledge’s behavioral targeting technology
  • An installation process that is very easy and works with practically all types of existing technologies
  • Ads that are extremely relevant, easily gaining the attention of viewers and increasing retention.

It’s Easy to Outsource Your Ad Inventory with AdStation

AdStation is an API. It extremely easy to access and you can deliver targeted ads to consumers in applications, in full graphical ads and even in email taglines. All you need to do is pass general encrypted information about the consumer to AdKnowledge. AdKnowledge does the rest by accessing a database of over 200 million consumer behaviors. Ad Station’s technology makes it easy to determine what types of ads the consumer has viewed and responded to in the past. Once data is found, an advertising match is made along with an estimate of revenue you can earn if that advertisement is shown.
AdStation is extremely comprehensive with over 200 million consumer behaviors and over 1200 categories.

Access the Marketplace with Dynamic Bid Feed

Dynamic Bid Feed makes it simple for publishers to have access to an open marketplace. Publishers can view thousands of advertisers in over one thousand categories. Dynamic Bid Feed works a little differently from AdStation, giving you access to those advertisers that use text based ads. These ads do not include the behavior component.
Dynamic Bid Feed includes exclusive technology called Click Scoring that judges the quality of traffic and is able to filter out traffic that is non-targeted. However, AdKnowledge will pay you a premium for traffic that converts well, leading to an increase in your CPM rates.


AdPepper offers a wide range of CPM (cost per thousand) solutions for publishers including website services an Opt In Email program called MailPepper and efficient ad delivery with top rated technology such as Falk eSolutions.

Exclusive and Outsourced Website Representation

Exclusive website representation offers many online marketing solutions. For website publishers you can easily benefit from AdPepper’s sales team and professional ad serving system which can maximize your web site’s inventory without publishers having to invest in both expensive technology and a sales force.
AdPepper provides websites with:

  • High quality, reliable ad campaign delivery
  • Contacts to both advertisers and ad agencies
  • Comprehensive management throughout the campaign life cycle, from booking to invoicing

For Those Outsourcing AdPepper

You can benefit from an extremely skilled and motivated sales force, top technology that maximizes ad serving. Benefits include:

  • Reliable and stable ad server technology
  • An extremely easy to use interface without any restricted access
  • Flexible reporting to fit your needs which encompasses campaign planning

AdPepper’s Smart Marketing with iDialogue

AdPepper uses iDialogue, a customizable media eCRM solution. iDialogue brings together both manufactures and retailers to establish profitable relationships with their online customers. iDialogue is a marketers dream come tree, it’s an easy way to maintain and personalize dialogue with current and potential customers.

Get the Most Out of Your Customer Base with iDialogue

  • Create and maintain relationships with current or potential customers
  • Marketers can generate leads via forms or by using existing customer databases to easily track your customer’s interests and activities
  • iDialogue is successfully being used by large companies all over the world


AdPepper gives publishers an advantage by allowing all leading technologies to be used when choosing an ad and email delivery technology. However, in house email delivery solutions are available. Falk’s mail solution tool allows a publisher to deliver up to 2 million emails per hour. It also includes the ability to easily integrate banner ads and to receive comprehensive reports from post click tracking available through an easy to use interface. In addition, it is extremely easy to customize and profile your email, fax and SMS ads.


Make Your Advertising Dollars Do More with Adtegrity

Adtegrity makes it easy for publishers to get paid for their hard work. Adtegrity does a great job of serving up some of the most innovative and interactive advertising available online.
Benefits of Partnering with Adtegrity:

  • Generate additional revenue with the webs most creative ads
  • Adtegrity promises to fill all of your advertising inventory with top rated banners and ads
  • No self promotional ads
  • Adtegrity covers 5 vertical networks including women’s interests, business, technology, entertainment and international
  • Adtegrity works hard to maximize your revenue potential
  • Adtegrity supports up and coming sites

Adtegrity Publisher Reports

Adtegrity provides publishers comprehensive reports to help optimize their web site and maximize their earning potential. Resources include 24 hour online reports that make it extremely easy to manage your ad space and analyze your traffic.


Looking for an easy way to increase your earning potential? AffiliateFuture’s network can help you easily monetize your website and receive payouts monthly for generating visits, leads or sales. AffiliateFuture makes it easy for publishers to sign up with no start up costs or fees and plenty of tools and resources to start earning.

Top Reasons to Join AffiliateFuture

  • You can easily earn revenue from your web site or blog
  • There are plenty of advertisers in many categories
  • AffiliateFuture guarantees monthly commission payments
  • Top reporting tools that include real time tracking
  • No obligation, you can remove AffiliateFuture’s ads at any time from your web site or blog


AffiliateSensor gives you the best of both worlds; pay per click publishing with the income of the best affiliate programs on the web.

Advertise Clickbank Products

For those looking to earn huge revenue via ClickBank commissions, AffiliateSensor’s new context relevant text link affiliate ad blocks is the perfect tool to use. With this powerful tool, you can choose from over 10,000 ClickBank products. Simply cut and past JavaScript into your web page to instantly show highly relevant ads that are targeted to your viewers. You have complete control over the ads and your web site. Publishers earning potential is maximized by AffiliateSensor sorting the highest performing ads at the top.
Benefits of Using Affiliate Sensor:

  • Easily refer visitors to Clickbank and earn huge commissions
  • Context relevant text links help target your viewers
  • Real time reporting tools to analyze, manage and increase your revenue potential
  • Easy to use script building interface
  • Create ad blocks with ease
  • Affiliate Sensor database is updated frequently to offer only the top selling products to your traffic
  • Receive 5% of impressions for every account that signs up for Affiliate Sensor under your link
  • No up front costs


It’s easy to take control of your ad space with AVNads. AVNads make monetizing your web site as easy as turning a key. In addition to high paying ads being served up, you are able to control the ads that are shown on your site. Approve the ones that fit your site best, reject others that don’t fit well. You don’t have to worry about ads that are inappropriate appearing on your web site.
Would you like to sell ad space to your users? You can ad a link beneath each ad placement that states “Your Ad Here”. This is one of the easiest ways to sell ad space to those that visit and are familiar with your site.
AVNads allows you to customize the entire ad process. You can easily customize the look and feel of your ads. No matter how your web site looks, you can change fonts, colors, etc to blend your ads into your web site seamlessly.
It is extremely easy to get started using AVNads, plus its free:

  • Tell AVNads about you and your site
  • Cut and paste the ad serving code onto your web site
  • Start receiving high quality ads that pay!


BannerBoxes can help you start earning more each day. It’s extremely easy to sell either banner ads or text based ads on your site, plus large revenue payouts make it extremely easy to monetize your site with BannerBoxes paying out 75% of every qualified click your web site receives.
There are many reasons to choose BannerBoxes, however the top reasons include:

  • The ability to set your own starting bid price for ads that are shown on your web site
  • Before ads are placed on your web site, you are able to review them and decide whether or not they are appropriate
  • BannerBoxes makes it easy to control the look and feel of your ads. No matter what your web site looks like, you can easily control the look of the ads by changing the color, font, placement, etc
  • If you haven’t sold all your ad space, BannerBoxes will fill your unused inventory with back fill ads. You still receive 75% commission for each ad that is clicked.
  • If you have search results, you can use BannerBoxes to monetize your search results with paid listings
  • BannerBoxes has an attractive affiliate program. Get paid for referring other web sites, advertisers and search engines. You continue to receive payment as long they continue to use BannerBoxes
  • Easy to read and comprehensive reports available to track your progress
  • BannerBoxes has a very low minimum payout amount. Receive a monthly payment when you sell $10 or more in ads
  • Receive payments via Paypal


BardzoMedia is one of the best ways to monetize your web site’s unused ad space. BardzoMedia can help you earn by selling ad inventory from US, Canada and even Europe. You can choose to be an exclusive seller of BardzoMedia or choose to sell your ad space on a non exclusive basis.
BardzoMedia is the premier service for optimized banner ads, focusing on targeted, optimized banner ads and delivering extremely high payouts with web site owners receiving 70% of all web traffic.
BardzoMedia offers a dedicated team that works hard to deliver top results. Whether you are looking for a broker to fill up your unused inventory or require an ad network to make sure your web site is efficiently monetizing each ad space, BardzoMedia should be your first choice.
BardzoMedia offers many different types of banner ads and it is extremely easy to keep track of the ads served with real time statistics. As far as payment options, BardzoMedia offers a wide range of payment choices as well.
Top Features of BardzoMedia:

  • Monetize your web site selling a wide range of banner ads
  • Payout rates are extremely high, with web site’s receiving 70% of revenue from their web traffic
  • Real time statistics
  • A dedicated team that can help you maximize your unused ad space
  • A variety of payment methods to choose from
  • Extremely easy to get started
  • Choose between an exclusive or non exclusive program


For those web publishers looking for the professional choice in ad networks, BlinkAds delivers. BlinkAds makes sure you have the resource and the backing of a quality team behind you. Each affiliate (publisher) is giving his or her own account manager. Your account manager will assist you in maximizing your earning potential and help you to select the best campaigns for your web site. You can choose between email advertising, search advertising, contextual ads or web traffic (lead generation). BlinkAds doesn’t stop there; they are continually evaluating their processes and making sure that their ad network is fully optimized to give you the publisher the highest return in revenue.
BlinkAds also has a two tiered referral program in place. For those that refer other publishers, you can receive a 5% commission for the life time traffic that any of your referrals make.
Top features of using BlinkAds:

  • Extremely professional ad network dedicated to your success
  • Highest payouts in the industry
  • BlinkAds offers many types of advertising products for publishers to sell including email advertising, contextual ads, web traffic, etc
  • A wide range of CPA and CPL offers from top advertisers
  • Your own account manager to help you maximize revenue
  • High quality and accurate tracking of statistics to help optimize your business
  • Prompt Payment
  • Two Tier Affiliate Program that pays you 5% for any affiliates you refer for the lifetime of their traffic
  • Extremely easy to manage your ads, stats and payments


It’s easy to build a profitable web site with BlueFN. BlueFN is one of the leading CPA (Cost per Action) ad networks on the web with an extremely large advertising base that focuses on the channel of finance. If you are a publisher of a financial site, BlueFN can help you monetize your site for maximum revenue. As a publisher with BlueFN, you are given access to BlueFN’s top financial services advertisers. They include credit card companies, insurance companies, mortgage providers, etc. Another great reason to choose BlueFN is that BlueFN offers original financial content to help publishers target the right audience.
Following are some of the top reasons to choose BlueFN ad network:

  • Access to the largest financial service industry’s advertisers
  • Choice of exclusive and non exclusive contract
  • Plenty of high performance offers
  • Receive some of the highest payouts on the net
  • Referral program that pays out handsomely
  • Dedicated sales force
  • Original financial content available to publishers
  • Customer and technical support available by phone or email
  • Receive payouts extremely quickly with choices that include Paypal, bank check or wire transfer
  • Easy to read statistics tools available to track your progress


BlueLithium offers publishers advanced technology to achieve better rates. BlueLithium puts an emphasis on technology and has developed software that sophisticatedly uses behavior and semantic targeting. What does this mean for publishers? Usually this translates directly into optimal performance and higher revenue. Not only does BlueLithium’s technology work great for publishers, but advertisers benefit as well. In some cases, BlueLithium can improve ad relevancy by an increase of 10X. Advertisers are usually willing to jump at the opportunity to pay a premium for this type of performance.
BlueLithium has a network of many of the top branders in the world, with many of Fortune 1000 companies and brands being advertisers on the network. BlueLithium also provides all types of advertising products (CPA, CPM and CPC). In addition, formats of ads are varied. Ad types include streaming video, rich media formats, GIF, animated GIF, JPEG and HTML.
Reasons to Choose BlueLithium ad network:

  • BlueLithium offers technology that makes it one of the most advanced online ad networks
  • Robust targeting and optimization technologies
  • Extremely high rates
  • A great user experience
  • BlueLithium includes many Fortune 1,000 advertisers
  • Includes products such as CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA
  • Top service and sales staff supporting publishers


ClickBooth gives you access to the highest payouts in the industry. For those publishers looking for a full service ad network that offers a large volume of advertisers, around the clock support, top pre tested technology and a top reputation, ClickBooth should be at the top of your list.
ClickBooth offers publishers access to an extremely large volume of advertisers. It is extremely easy to monetize your web site with ClickBooth and finding the right advertiser that fits your audience is a breeze.
ClickBooth has a team supporting you. ClickBooth’s team will help support you technically as well as assist you in monetizing your site. For those looking for fast payouts, ClickBooth can pay you weekly, plus there are many different payment methods to fit any business.
Here are some great features that make ClickBooth stand apart from the crowd:

  • Extremely high CPM’s and ECPM’s
  • Plenty of huge name advertisers to fit almost every channel
  • Technology that is proven to work
  • Extremely quick payouts, you can choose to be paid weekly.
  • Several payment methods
  • Become an affiliate and receive referral payouts
  • Sales team that assists publishers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great reputation in the industry


With ClickXchange you can turn your site into cash. ClickXchange offer many types of solutions to help publishers maximize their profit potential. While other ad networks only provide one or two methods to monetize your web site with, ClickXchange offers five different methods on how publishers can easily generate revenue.
ClickXchange offers extremely flexible ad management. As a publisher, you can easily rotate your ads for maximum optimization, ClickXchange includes many powerful tools that easily allow you to get the most out of your ad space.
ClickXchange also includes one of the top technologies for detailed real time reporting. You can easily access thorough traffic reports and analyze them easily. Publishers can easily optimize their ad space by removing ads that don’t convert or products that fit their audience.
ClickXchange also includes an advertiser rating system. You as a publisher can easily choose advertisers based on past performance. Two ways to make your choices more effective are statistics on the performance volume and EP100C.
ClickXchange also has an affiliate program that generates cash while you sleep. There are no minimums and you can receive a payment monthly.
Top features of ClickXchange:

  • Flexible ad management and rotation tools
  • Advertiser rating system
  • Affiliate program
  • No minimum payouts
  • Payments sent monthly

CPX Interactive

Become a CPXsite and enjoy the benefits. CPX is an ad network that is determined to make sure all their publishers monetize 100% of their inventory, whatever the level and geography. CPX creates a network that is based upon market driven principles, they do not build multiple tiers of advertising networks. This translates into some of the highest payouts and monetization percentage in the industry.
While other ad networks choose the best advertisers for their own networks, CPX makes sure that all publishers enjoy top rated advertisers and their premium CPM’s. In addition, for those ad spaces that are unfilled, CPX fills with ads that have CPM rates driven by real time market competition.
Publishers of CPX enjoy the following:

  • An extremely easy management system
  • The ability to monetize 100% of your ad space
  • Publishers have access to over 20K optimized ads each month
  • Exclusive and non exclusive partnerships available
  • CPX pays out every 30 days
  • Several payment methods available including bank check, wire transfer and Paypal
  • Publisher has total inventory control
  • Quick customer service and support

CPX has grown extremely quickly by making sure that publishers generate lots of revenue, have enormous control over the ads they place and are supported by a winning team.

eType Europe

Represent your web site with eType. For those top web sites that are looking for a team to help maximize ad revenue, eType can help. eType works hard to understand your business and goals and works hard to achieve them.
The eType team helps your web site or network sell your entire inventory of ad space. eType provides each of its publishers with a dedicated account director that understands the industry and can maximize revenue generation. The eType team strives hard to understand not only what types of ads to sell on your site, but the entire sales process including forecasting, targeting and campaign delivery.
For those publishers that require an even higher level of representation, eType has a premium web site representation program available. This includes more resources and a team dedicated to your success.
Features of eType-Europe

  • Outsource your ad selling with a company that knows how to succeed
  • eType works hard to understand your business
  • Plenty of resources to fulfill your entire ad space inventory
  • Each customer is given an account director held accountable for your success
  • Premium web site representation available
  • eType can help your business throughout the entire sales process
  • Top rated customer service and support for all clients

eType USA

For high value online properties, eType USA specializes in premium web site representation. If you are looking to outsource your ad space sales force, one of the leaders in the industry is eType USA.
eType USA offers its publishers some of the top advertisers and brand names in the world. eType maximizes revenue generation for publishers by making sure opportunities are sold on a site specific basis, rather than bundling ads for networks or distributing ads through a wide range of channels.
For those web sites that require enhanced service, eType offers premium web site representations complete with an account director and sales team to help your business reach your goals.
Features of eType-USA:

  • Outsource your ad selling with a company that knows how to succeed
  • eType USA works hard to understand your business
  • Plenty of resources to fulfill your ad space inventory
  • Each customer is given an account director held accountable for your success
  • Premium web site representation available
  • eType USA can help your business throughout the entire process
  • Top rated customer service and support for all clients


Join one of the top ad networks in the industry. ExpoActive gives the publisher an extremely high level of freedom to ensure that ad space is used on their web site as best as possible. It’s extremely easy to optimize your site with ExpoActive, due to the fact you can easily choose how ads are displayed, the font size of the ads and the color of the ads.
Besides being able to fully customize your ads, ExpoActive makes sure that the relevance level of each ad provides a great fit with your site. With ExpoActive, you have the option of choosing which ads are most effective for your specific site.
Top Features of ExpoActive:

  • ExpoActive works hard with both publishers and advertisers to create a strong relationship between the two
  • High payouts
  • Publishers can easily optimize their web site by customizing ads
  • Ads can be customized by font, color, placement, etc
  • Publishers can choose ads based on relevance


Flux Advertising is right for you

If you are a publisher and have a web site with relevant content and lots of traffic, then monetizing it with FluxAds can easily generate lots of revenue. FluxAds goes the extra mile to make sure that every ad space on your web site is always used to generate revenue. With a robust network of advertisers, FluxAds works hard to make sure that every ad space is used proficiently.

Experience one of the best affiliate programs in the industry

As a top performing affiliate, you can enjoy special offers that include the most competitive payouts. In addition, as a top affiliate member, an account manager will sit down and consult with you, working hard to understand your business and figuring out new ways to increase your reach and revenue.
FluxAds delivers with these top features:

  • FluxAds strive to fulfill your entire ad space inventory
  • One of the top payouts in the industry
  • FluxAds gives you a wide variety of ad products that you as a publisher can sell. Includes email, pay per click, pop up and under, etc
  • For top affiliates, an account manager will consult with your business and help you reach a larger audience, as well as maximize revenue


Sell more advertising with Hyperbidder

It’s extremely simple and secure to sell more advertising with Hyperbidder. Hyperbidder offers a huge advertising marketplace for publishers to sell their available ad space. It is extremely easy for advertisers to bid on sites they would like their ads to be shown on. Once bidding has taken place, you as a publisher can easily view the ad and choose whether or not to approve it.
Hyperbidder gives you the tools and resources necessary to optimize your web site with some of the top branded, highest paying ads. You can easily customize the ads that you accept with the ability to place them anywhere on your page, choose the color, font, etc ensuring that the ads fit your site for maximum optimization.
Hyperbidder pays out some of the highest rates in the industry. Publishers receive 75% of all campaign revenue generated, plus you don’t have to wait long for payments, with payments sent out every 30 days.
Reasons for top publishers to choose Hyperbidder:

  • Extremely easy and secure way to monetize your web site
  • Fulfill practically all your ad space on your web site with some of the top advertisers around
  • You control who can advertise on your web site
  • Customize each ad to fit your site. Customization features include placement, color, font, etc
  • Extremely high payouts, keep 75% of the revenue generated
  • Quick payouts. Receive a payment every 30 days
  • Joining Hyperbidder is free


IncentaClick is committed to generating revenue for their affiliates. IncentaClick is one of fastest growing ad networks around and one of the reasons it has grown so quickly is because of its seven day ROI guarantee. IncentaClick promises its publishers a better rate of conversion in only seven days than any other ad network can accomplish. For those publishers that are seeking a true performer, IncentaClick definitely promises and delivers.
IncentaClick uses some of the newest technology to optimize its ad server so that you, the publisher instantly receive high conversion rates and maximize your profit potential. IncentaClick has a great reputation for having one of the best managed affiliate programs, top pay out rates and frequent and timely payments. IncentaClick has earned a highly respected reputation from its publishers, not only in customer services and management, but where it counts- in generating revenue.
IncentaClick offers the following reason to join their ad network:

  • Highest conversion rates,
  • Real time optimization of creatives
  • A large reach of advertisers
  • Get the fastest return of investment in the industry
  • Quick and free sign up
  • Customer support and assistance
  • Large group of Fortune 1000 clients
  • Proven track record and one of the best reputations in the industry

Industry Brains

With Industry Brain, it is easy to maximize your advertising revenue.
Industry Brains gives publishers the tools and resources necessary in order to leverage their web site and charge a premium for ads targeted to their audience. Industry Brains makes it extremely easy to maximize revenue with its site specific model and includes products such as relevant, contextual ads and graphical ads.
Industry Brain’s top publisher benefits include:

  • An extremely easy way to monetize your existing content web pages and search pages
  • Control your brand
  • Choose relevant ads that fit your site and audience best
  • Publishers are given creative control and lots of flexibility
  • Plenty of resources to keep track of your business. Optimize your web sites based on statistics and manage advertiser relationships

Whether you are a content publisher looking to sell ads on your web site, html newsletter or RSS feeds, a publisher that would like to monetize their search feature or a publisher that uses dynamic graphic ads to spur interest, Industry Brain can help you achieve your revenue goals.


Interclick is the only fully transparent ad network on the web.
It’s extremely easy to monetize your traffic and Interclick offers an industry high 65% monthly payout on revenue your web site generates each and every month. Interclick also pays out extremely quick with net 45 payments. You even have a choice of payment methods, either Paypal or check. But most of all, Interclick has attracted the largest brands and companies as advertisers making it extremely easy for publishers to convert with high quality ads.
Interclick also gives you a choice of ad types and formats. You can choose the very popular interstitials or monetize pop unders, pop overs or rich media overlays. Interclick makes sure that each publisher is able to run the ad campaign that fits them best. Interclick also offers exclusive and non exclusive programs, so there are no contracts to try Interclick out and no minimum traffic commitments. Interclick also offers top quality customer service and support.
Top reasons to join Interclick:

  • Free to join, choose between exclusive and non exclusive programs
  • Top rated payouts of 65%
  • Quick payments, net 45 days
  • Choice of payment methods; Paypal or bank check
  • Interclick has a great reputation
  • Top rated customer service and support
  • Real time stats to help optimize your web site
  • Choice of ad types


Kontera offers publishers “In-Text Advertising”.
Kontera is one of the most well known ad networks and offers one of the most exciting products in the industry – Content Link. Content Link are relevant keywords that are viewed real time on a publisher’s web page. A publisher’s content actually becomes the advertisement using a cost per click model for revenue generation.
With Kontera, you can open a new stream of revenue that does not compete with other types of ads. In-Text advertising is a great way to monetize your content and increase your monthly web page revenue. By having content that is in effect advertising, not only are your advertisements seamless but extremely relevant.
Kontera ads are easy to implement via JavaScript tag on your web site’s pages. Not only is set up a breeze, but you can easily customize the ad. Choose between its placement, font, color, etc. Using Kontera ads, you can create a seamless advertising environment for your web site viewers.
Kontera offers 24/7 customer support. When you sign up for Kontera you are given all the tools necessary to succeed and maximize your earning potential.
Some of the top features include:

  • Open up a new stream of revenue with In-Text ads
  • Turn your content into the ads themselves
  • Increase your click through rate by having highly relevant ads
  • Full customization of your ads, choose the ad placement, color, font, etc
  • 24/7 customer support
  • One of the best known names in the ad network industry
  • Top advertisers
  • Easy to implement


Get paid for performance with MaxBounty. Publishers can tap a huge revenue stream just by having their viewers complete a specific action on their web site. These actions include lead generation such as filling out forms or signing up for a newsletter or completing a sale.
MaxBounty builds a strong relationship with both advertisers and publishers and makes sure they are both optimized to maximize their revenue generation capabilities. MaxBounty also has one of the top reporting systems in the industry to ensure that all affiliates are being paid for their viewers actions. In addition, this unique reporting technology also creates trust among advertisers facilitating higher ad spending and giving them a detailed report on their ROI.
Top features of MaxBounty:

  • Free sign up and easy implementation
  • Monetize your traffic with high paying CPA’s
  • Highly rated reporting system
  • Monthly payout
  • International affiliates can receive payments in their local currency
  • Real time statistics
  • High quality customer service and support
  • Second tier referral program


Partner with Mirago. Mirago is one of the top providers of online revenue earning products. Mirago gives you two choices of revenue stream including the family friendly search generation and contextual ads.

Search Products

Mirago uses top rated technology to perform deep rich index searches. Setting up the technology is extremely easy due to Mirago’s use of XML feeds. It is extremely easy to promote your site with Mirago’s family friendly search generation technology.

Contextual Products

Mirago offers extremely relevant contextual advertising for publishers. With the help of Context Stream, Mirago can produce highly relevant advertisements for your audience. This leads to extremely high conversion rates and maximum revenue potential.
Top features of Mirago:

  • Two different revenue streams to choose from: Family Friendly Search and Contextual Advertising
  • Top rated technology to maximize revenue
  • Easy to implement
  • A variety of design options
  • Customer support and service
  • Top list of advertisers
  • Geo targeting


Oridian has you covered! Oridian is one of fastest growing ad networks in the world due to its international sales reach, top customer and support service, extremely advanced ad serving technologies and providing publishers with some of the top rated global advertisers and brands.
Maximizing your revenue with Oridian is extremely easy with multiple ad formats and network wide media optimization to make sure your sites convert at the highest rates possible.
Oridian gives publishers a complete solution. This solution includes all aspects of handling of advertiser recruitment, ad serving, media optimization and keeping track of statistics and revenue to better optimize your web site. Oridian also offers exclusive and non exclusive programs. You can be part of the Oridian network receiving ads based on advertisers choosing specific channels or have your site receive revenue from site specific advertisements.
Oridian has one of the largest global sales forces in the industry, so you can easily choose quality, high paying advertisers from North America, Europe, and other top spots around the globe.
Oridian offers:

  • Maximize your revenue with incredible global reach
  • Oridian offers a complete solution to publishers
  • Top rated customer service and support
  • Plenty of top advertisers and brands represented
  • One of the fastest growing international ad networks
  • Advanced ad serving technology
  • Easy set up and implementation


It’s easy to monetize your web site with Oxado. Oxado is your complete ad network solution. Just sign up and Oxado does the rest. Oxado takes care of ad servicing, management, real time updates, the relevance of ads, etc.
Oxado is a huge network that represents over 60,000 advertisers all over the world. For those publishers looking to monetize all their ad space, Oxado can help you succeed. Oxado includes top technology that scans your content and site to find ads that are extremely relevant and that pay high rates. With detailed reports and statistics, you can easily understand just how your site is performing.
Generate revenue and receive quick payments. Getting paid with Oxado is extremely fast and easy. Oxado offers two choices for payment and pay outs are made every 30 days. Oxado also has an extremely enticing affiliate program. Publishers receive 10% of ad revenue that an affiliate refers, making it one of the top affiliate programs in the industry.
Why chose Oxado:

  • One of the highest revenue payouts in the industry
  • Various streams of revenue including cost per click and cost per acquisition
  • There is no traffic minimum
  • Receive payouts every 30 days
  • Oxado delivers extremely relevant ads which translate directly into better click through rates and conversions
  • Oxado is easy to implement
  • Signing up is free
  • Automatic ad rotation
  • Over 3 million ads covering many areas around the world
  • Detailed reports and statistics


Earn passive income from your website.

Paypopup allows publishers to easily earn passive income every time a person visits their site. Pop up ads are a great way to generate revenue every time someone views your web site. With Paypopup, if you have more than 200 views per day, you can tap into a stream of revenue.
Paypopup delivers, not only does it pay some of the best rates in the industry to publishers, but pay outs are made every two weeks. There are no large minimums to worry about, as long as you have earned $50 or more, your payment will be disbursed.
Paypopup also has one of the best affiliate programs in the ad network industry. You can earn up to 20%, because Paypopup affiliate tiered program runs 5 levels deep. If you are looking for a great way to monetize your web site traffic, Paypopup can earn you income immediately.
Reason to join Paypopup:

  • Earn passive income each and every time a visitor views your website
  • Whether your web site is large or small, you can join the network (at least 200 views per day required)
  • Payouts are some of the best in the industry
  • Payments made every two weeks (Only $50 minimum required for disbursement)
  • Top rated advertisers
  • One of the best affiliate programs in the industry (earn up to 20%, 5 levels deep)
  • Join for free
  • Extremely easy set up
  • High quality customer service and support


PeakClick’s goal is to make you as successful as possible in all your pay per click efforts.
PeakClick offers its publishes the highest bids in the pay per click industry, with their system set up to receive bid offers from 12 other companies, PeakClick can choose the highest paying offers and pass them easily to you. PeakClick also has some of the highest payouts. Publishers receive 70% of the revenue generated each month. PeakClick even has a three level affiliate program. You can receive 5% of the affiliate’s income you refer, plus 2% of any affiliates they refer and 1% of any affiliates income the second tier of affiliates refer.
PeakClick is rated as having some of the best technology available to serve relevant ads. This translates into higher click through rates and the ability to maximize revenue easier. Want more reasons to join, here are just a few:

  • Sign up is free
  • Extremely easy to set up and implement
  • Real time statistics
  • One of the highest pay out rates in the industry (70%)
  • One of the top affiliate programs (earn commissions on 3 separate sales levels)
  • Get paid every 15 days
  • PeakClick pays out in Euros (however, US dollars are also an option)
  • High quality customer service and technical support


Searchfeed is a leader in pay per click search engine advertising. For those web site publishers that are looking for a top rated ad network to represent them, Searchfeed usually outperforms others, monetizing your sites and attracting top rated advertisers to fill your ad space. Searchfeed has one of the largest advertising networks, delivering millions of advertisements each month.
Since there are so many advertisers to choose from, you can count on highly relevant ads being served on your site. Highly relevant ads usually translate directly into higher click through rates. Integrating Searchfeed ads into almost any web site is an extremely easy process.
Searchfeed offers many types of programs including Affiliate Partnership, Private Label Feed, Referral Partners and Media Agencies.
Affiliate Partners can easily join Searchfeed and tap into a powerful revenue stream of ads. This program is usually for publishers with a few small sites or limited programming resources.
Private Label Feeds are for publishers that have a large network of web sites and would like to maximize revenue generation. Publishers of these web sites can integrate code such as JavaScript, Text, XML, etc to compliment existing content.
Referral partners can instantly make money just by referring other publishers to join Searchfeed. For media agencies that are looking to for a company to manage their many publishers, Searchfeed can work with you closely to understand your client’s needs and deliver top rated revenue performance.


For publishers that either have web sites or blogs, you can increase your revenue immediately. TextLinkAds makes it easy to sell text links that are published on your web site and blogs.
TextLinkAds offers many ways for you to generate revenue. You can easily earn income by posting text links on your web site, blog, RSS feed or through the TextLinkAds affiliate program.
TextLinkAds pay outs are one of the highest in the industry. You earn 50% of the sale price of each text link ad that is sold on your publishing network. TextLinkAds has thousands of advertising partners ensuring that the links will be highly relevant to your content.
TextLinkAds technology supports many different types of code including PHP, ASP, PERL, etc. For those that are looking for an advertising stream to work with Google AdSense, TextLinkAds is 100% legal.
Top Features of TextLinkAds:

  • Earn revenue just by posting text links on your web site, blog or RSS feed
  • Earn 50% of the sale price of each text link
  • Top rated affiliate program. Earn a flat $25 for any publisher you refer that results in a sale or is accepted into the TextLinkAds program
  • Thousands of advertisers ensures relevant text links
  • Works with Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publishing Networks
  • Get paid each month
  • Several options available for payment

TMP Express (Traffic Marketplace)

Publishers can maximize their revenue generation with Traffic Marketplace. It’s extremely easy to leverage all forms of ad types with Traffic Marketplace. Traffic Marketplace offers a choice of banner ads, skyscrapers, pop unders, leaderboards, etc.
Traffic Marketplace is rated as one of the top ad networks, paying out some of the highest eCPM rates in the industry. Top technology allows real time online reporting giving publishers the tools to optimize their site for maximum relevance and monetization.
Implementing traffic marketplace ads are extremely easy and customer support and service is one of the many features Traffic Marketplace offers. Signing up for Traffic Marketplace is free; however you do need to be an established web site with at least 300K visitors each month.
Top features of Traffic Marketplace:

  • Top rates paid to publishers
  • Choice of ad types including banner ads, pop unders, skyscraper ads, leaderboards, etc
  • Automatic optimization, Traffic Marketplace ad serving technology ensures highly relevant ads to maximize click through rates
  • Plenty of online and statistical reporting tools available
  • Free to join
  • Top advertisers and brands
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Payouts every 30 days
  • Choice of payment methods
  • Traffic Marketplace has an excellent reputation in the industry and is one of the best known ad networks around

Tremor Media

If you are a publisher that is looking to grow your web site with high quality online video and rich media banner advertising, one of the top ad networks in the industry is Tremor Media. Tremor Media provides publishers with everything that is needed to generate revenue from rich media.
Tremor Media offers publishers many options and offers plenty of advertisers that are extremely relevant to each site. With Tremor Media, you can easily customize the ads served so that they fit seamlessly into your web site and provide a high quality viewing experience for your web site visitors. Some of Tremor Media rich media offerings include pre roll, post roll and mid roll ads that stream video content to your viewers.
Tremor Media has attracted the largest companies and top brand names making it extremely easy to attract interest, which translates directly into high click through rates. Besides high quality ads that are relevant, Tremor Media also includes many tools and reports to help keep track of your web site’s performance. For those publishers looking to grow their web site with the next level of technology, Tremor Media truly delivers high quality, relevant ads that monetize extremely well.

Federated Media

For those publishers that have a real voice, one ad network stands above the rest in supporting your web site or blog growth, as well as helping you maximize your revenue potential.
Federated Media goal is to bring together the top blogs and web sites that have an opinion and strong point of view. While there are plenty of content sites and blogs on the web, what Federated Media strives to find are sites that are unique and draw an audience because of what they say. While some blogs in the Federated Media network are created and updated personally by professional journalists, other blogs are composed of individuals with strong opinions or a slant on culture.
Federated Media has access to the top advertisers in the world along with brand names that garner interest from many. For being one of the top blogs on the web, Federated Media ensures that you are paid handsomely. In addition, for those concerned about allowing their site to be paid by advertisements, Federated Media believes in transparency so all interests will be rightly disclosed. In addition, you will find a wealth of statistics and reporting tools available to track your results.
If you have a blog with a real voice, one of the best ways to grow is with the support and expertise of Federated Media.

Ad Volcano

Ad Volcano allows publishers to boost their revenue without replacing one ad network for another. Ad Volcano gives publishers the tools and resources to easily add advertisements to their site and customize them to fit seamlessly. Many ad networks involve so much constraints, it can be hard to maintain control of your site design. With Ad Volcano, the ad platform is 100% customizable making it extremely easy to integrate ads into your web site for maximum relevancy. In addition, you get to choose which ads you want on your web site and reject those that don’t fit your web site or audience.
Ad Volcano allows publishers to set their own pricing, this means you don’t have to fill your ad space with ads that pay sub par. Ad Volcano also offers great payouts which include 75% of the revenue generated each month. Payouts by Ad Volcano are very speedy as well with payouts being disbursed every 15 days.
Top Benefits of using Ad Volcano:

  • 100% Customizable
  • Generate Revenue with ads that seamlessly fit into almost every web site
  • Extremely high payouts (75% of revenue generated each month)
  • Quick payments (payments sent twice per month)
  • Great reputation and customer service.
  • Control which ads are allowed on your web site
  • Plenty of top name advertisers
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  1. Frank says:

    I just signed up for Bardzomedia. So far they look good. The tracking system is very simple and informative and they allow for default ad inclusions. CPM rates are decent.

    I’m making on average 15 cents per 1000 impressions. They also have a referral system which pays out $5 per accepted publisher.

    They also list the averages you get paid at the adtag screen so you can see which banner sizes pay more and thus far I haven’t seen any zeros for any impressions. They seem to pay for all traffic whether north american or international.

    So far I am impressed by them.

    I will give them them a thumbs up for anyone looking to try.

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