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What are some auction scripts?

An auction script can enable you to add an auction to your web site. This can provide a useful service to your visitors, build a loyal set of return visitors, and even add another income stream to your web site revenue.
Free Auction Scripts

phpBB Auction
phpBB Auction is an auction system for phpBB that features PayPal integration.

Phpauction GPL is the simplest basic product inside the Phpauction software family. A good starting point if you are planning to develop your own custom web-based auction site.

Commercial Auction Scripts
PHP ProBid
PHP ProBid is the most powerful auction software package on the market. It’s features alone surpass any other Auction software. Ideally suited to Small-Medium Businesses PHP Pro Bid enables you to start up your very own eBay style web auction service.

Installation is simple and takes a matter of minutes!. You can control every aspect of the web-site via the PHP Pro Bid Admin control panel.

xcAuction is an ASP auction script.

Add the power of real-time internet auctions to your web site. If you need powerful auction software for your web site, xcAuction can deliver the auction functionality you need. Because it is very configurable, the number of ways that xcAuction can be used in any business is virtually unlimited. xcAuction can be custom tailored to suit the exact needs of your business, or fit your vertical market or niche industry.

xcAuction allows any web site to have powerful and feature rich auctions. Loaded with the kind of features that you might only find on industry leading auction sites, xcAuction packs in more features for the price than any similar products. Other auction products with similar features cost much more than xcAuction, but xcAuction delivers it all to you and gives you the best value that you can find at any price. In terms of price and performance, xcAuction is truly in a class of its own.

Since xcAuction is very configurable to meet the needs of many different types of businesses and users, you have the power to make changes in the look and feel of it’s functionality. xcAuction’s appearance can be quickly and easily integrated with the rest of your web site design to give it a seamless appearance with your existing or new site. An extensive variety of configuration options make it easy to tailor xcAuction to suit your preferences.

As soon as you receive xcAuction, you can begin using it. Since xcAuction is a complete turnkey solution, it can be running live auctions on your site right away. Experienced web site designers have literally had xcAuction running and operational on their site within minutes. If you can design and create web sites, then you can set up and run xcAuction.

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