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What is a Site Map?

A site map is a web page that lists all of the other web pages on a web site.

A site map augments, but does not replace, the normal menu system of a web page.

Building a good site map is critical for web pages which use JavaScript menus, because most search engines cannot follow JavaScript links. A Site Map will help those web pages to be indexed by the search engines.

A site map can also be very beneficial to web users, because it will help them to understand what resources the web page has for them.

A site map should be very well organized and easy to understand. The design should be clean and simple.

Creating a Site Map
A great tool to utilize to create a site map is Xenu’s Link Sleuth.

Another tool for creating a site map is Spider Map Creator.

Metalhead provides a PHP script, sitemap.php which automatically generates a tree-view sitemap with icons for files and folders.

FreeFind is an online service that will automatically create, update and host site maps for you. FreeFind is free for personal use on sites with less than 32MB of HTML. FreeFind also creates a site-specific search feature.

For tips on Site Map design, refer to Jakob Nielsen’s Site Map Usability.

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