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What is a Webring?

A webring is an aggregation of websites in the Internet connected together in a circular manner. By using the same controls for navigating from one website to another in a webring, a user can easily explore all other websites in the ring until the website where the user originally started appears. A webring usually focuses on a unifying theme and is managed by a moderator.

Webrings employ a central site to manage links. This ensures that the webring is not broken in case one of the websites goes offline. Moreover, webrings can be used as a search optimization technique.

History of Webrings
The history of web rings started with the development of Expanding Unidirectional Ring of Pages by Denis Howe in 1994. This was followed by the development of a Unifying Common Gateway Interface in the same year by Giraldo Hierro and the formation of a company called WebRing.

WebRing was sold to Starseed in 1997 and was sold in turn to Geocities in 1998. With the merger of Geocities and Yahoo, the WebRing program was enhanced and modified to give it a more standard look and control. These modifications, however, were not too popular with the webring users and so Yahoo had to give back webring control to its original developers.

Today, some webrings operate using a membership program in which a webmaster has to pay a fee in order to be included in a webring community. The membership program was further modified by the introduction of an affiliate program wherein webmasters can earn money by referring the webring to others.

Advantages of Webrings
One of the advantages of webrings over ordinary search engines is the fact that related content are grouped together. Using a search engine, you may have to spend hours browsing through the search engine results just to collect enough material for your research or to sift through a number of pages separating useful materials from the useless ones. If you are using a webring, on the other hand, you can easily navigate through related content-rich sites by clicking on the next, previous or random site button.

Individual webrings can be further grouped together, giving you a wider selection of choices limited to the specific topic you’d like to find. By using the different search criteria and search options, a user can opt to look for the information only within the webring he is in or the collection of webrings outside the site. For example a search phrase “new technology” may only generate 10 webring results but each webring may contain a hundred or more sites.

Webrings also provide additional useful information such as a directory in which you can see the ring categories such as family and home, science and technology, business and finance. They also provide member statistics and number of visitors.

Webrings, however, only link those sites that have chosen to become part of a webring community. Thus, a search within webrings may generate much fewer results than a search using search engines.

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