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What is an oblivion drop?

An oblivion drop is when a web page falls completely off of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

This is different from just falling in the SERPS. If your web page is the 866th result returned for a Google search, this isn’t an oblivion drop — it’s just a problem!

Early in 2004, webmasters noticed that some web pages, for some search terms, would oblivion drop occasionally for random lengths of time. No one outside of Google seems to know the cause for an oblivion drop.

An example would be if one day without notice this page fell from being the #65 Google result for the search term “oblivion drop” to not being returned at all in a Google search for “oblivion drop”.

Most oblivion drops seem to last for a day, and are therefore not too serious. There have been reports of much longer, and therefore more serious, oblivion drops.

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